Star Trek ‘boldly’ celebrates 50th anniversary

From Captain Kirk’s future birth site to watching the last of the originals receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, We’ve enjoyed the adventures of the “Star Trek” franchise since the original series debuted 50 years ago today. Though the series ran for only three seasons during the 1960s, its legacy has boldly […]

Ready for a close-up: Oscar history lives along Hollywood Boulevard

Vacation Memories: Part of an ongoing series reviewing past trips. Who will win the Oscar for best actor? Actress? Which movie takes home the title as the best of the year? Those questions will be answered tonight during the 88th annual Academy Awards. The show takes place in Hollywood. Hollywood will be electrified with all […]

Stars, fun await visitors to Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard is the home of the stars. And its sidewalks have the proof. The boulevard is home to the Walk of Fame – stars emblazoned in the concrete, recognizing people from acting to civic involvement. During our trip there in 2011, I found myself stopping at almost every star and getting a photograph. Hundreds? […]

Libraries as tourist attractions: Maybe some film, quotes or art for your liking

Libraries as tourist attractions? We’ve found during our trips that libraries can be unspoken tourist attractions. Not many people think to check out a library on their vacations. But, maybe they should. Lisa is more into the library stops than me. But, I agree that a couple of libraries we’ve been to have been quite […]

“Rules of Engagement” viewing

While in the Los Angeles area last fall, Lisa and I had the chance to watch a taping of the CBS comedy “Rules of Engagement.” The show – in its seventh season – quickly became one of our favorite shows when it debuted. The series stars Patrick Warburton (“Seinfeld,” “The Tick,” “Family Guy”), Megyn Price […]

Walter Koenig: Beam Me Up to the Stars

We had the pleasure of seeing an actor get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame during our recent trip to Los Angeles. Walter Koenig, AKA Chekov, from the original television and movie  series “Star Trek,” was the last of the original cast members to get his star on the Walk of Fame. We […]

LA: Prehistoric age to Classic Hollywood

Following a trip to Pasadena and the Nebraska-UCLA football on Day 2 of our trip, we made up for lost touristy things on Day 3. We visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame to start the day. Actually, the Walk of Fame was pretty much  a daily ritual since we were just two blocks from it. […]

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