Why you need to attend Women in Travel Summit – Midwest Travel Summit

It’s a new year and that means it’s time to fine tune our business skills.  It’s also necessary to network with others that can help us on our entrepreneurial journey. How about a conference that gives you all this plus the benefits of exploring a fabulous city? This year, the Women in Travel Summit is […]

Filling our 2017 bucket list on ‘National Plan for Vacation Day’

Welcome to “National Plan for Vacation Day.” Jan. 31 has been designated as the day to help people plan their time off for the year. Project Time Off says that people who plan their vacations early in the year actually take time off from work for some recreation. It’s vital that people plan to take time […]

Midwest celebrates its baseball

Baseball’s Fall Classic takes to the field this week. As Major League Baseball winds down with its final set of games, there’s no need to stop following America’s pastime. The Midwest is home to some great baseball attractions. Negro League Baseball Museum One of my favorite museums to visit is the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum […]

Miller Brewery leads off day of Milwaukee history

Frederick Miller came to Milwaukee in the mid-1800s. A beer maker from Germany, Miller bought the Plank Road Brewery and started Miller Brewery. Miller grew over the years to be one of the top selling beer companies in the United States. In 2008, Miller Brewing merged with Coors to form MillerCoors. Breweries from both companies […]

Schuster Mansion is an amazing B&B

It all started “because two people met and fell in love.” So says the writing in a picture frame outside the Schuster Mansion’s owners’ room. We had reservations at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Milwaukee, near the river walk. But, Lisa came across the Schuster Mansion Bed and Breakfast,and thought it would be fun to […]

Milwaukee offers attractions on two fronts with river and lake

Milwaukee has two attractive natural resources – the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan. This allows the city the luxury of business and tourist attractions on a river walk and a lakefront. And the city takes advantage of both. First, the river walk. The Milwaukee River Walk cuts through the downtown area. It is home to […]

Milwaukee Zoo offers giraffe feeding, open areas for animals

Feeding the giraffes at the Milwaukee County Zoo is a fun experience.Ever want to feed a giraffe without actually being a possible meal for a lion? Instead of having to run into the wild and taking your chances, visit the Milwaukee Zoo and buy a ticket. Feeding giraffes is one of the visitor-centric things people […]

Milwaukee’s version of ‘Under the Dome(s)’

Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Conservatory – AKA “The Domes” – is an interesting take on a botanical garden. The Domes are made up of three domed buildings. Each houses a special group of flowers and plants. The show dome houses special features. This dome’s exhibits can change throughout the year. The tropical dome houses plants from […]

Harley-Davidson Museum rocks Milwaukee

  We made a pilgrimage for Lisa’s dad to the Promised Land for Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee. He is a huge Harley dude. The Harley-Davidson Museum sits on a campus of 20 acres. It shares the space with the local plant and restaurant/store. The museum is located along the Menominee River, a short drive from downtown Milwaukee. […]

Who knew Milwaukee was Spy Central

Ever spy as a kid? I know of a place where you can play spy as an adult. Safe House is a spy-themed restaurant in Milwaukee. You HAVE to visit when in town! From the “door” to the restaurant to the post-meal exit, everything has a spy theme. There is no door to Safe House. […]

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