Travels 2016: Enjoying a ‘Legendary’ trip around North Dakota

North Dakota’s tourism slogan is “Legendary.” That’s how I would describe our visit. We knocked a few things off our travel bucket list, including a stop at the Scandinavian Heritage Park and festival in Minot. We enjoyed a jam-packed trip around North Dakota. It all started with a visit to our good friend, Dakota Thunder. […]

Getting my Scandinavian on in Minot

I’ve mentioned my dad in a few posts, because something we did or somewhere we went reminded me of him, or I knew he would have been interested. Well, I know he would have pushed aside his plate of sardines for a chance to get an upclose look at Scandinavia without leaving the United States. […]

Why not Minot? The ‘Magic City’ waves its wand for interesting tourist attractions

Minot has a bad rep. Even I’ve made fun of it in the past. While stationed at Grand Forks Air Force Base in the 1980s, I attended leadership school at Minot Air Force Base. I joked that I spent a year there one month. When base assignments were handed out, you prayed you didn’t get […]

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