Travels 2016: Exploring Minnesota

Minnesota may be best known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” but it could easily be called the “Land of 10,000 attractions.” It seems like we took in so many sights during our trips to the north land this year. From learning about my family’s involvement with Minnesota history to visiting the river community of […]

National Music Museum puts Vermillion on world stage

Imagine, standing near a 500-year-old grand piano. Perhaps, a Stradivarius violin. Don’t want to fight the crowds at a New York City metropolitan museum or a Smithsonian in Washington, DC? You don’t have to. Just take a drive to Vermillion, South Dakota. What? Really? These are your thoughts right about now, eh? Situated on the […]

Exploring Sioux City, part II

The only person to die during the Lewis and Clark expedition died near Sioux City. This fact doesn’t go unnoticed as the city celebrates its early American history – Native and European. The Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804-06 is a part of an interesting history that has unfolded along the banks of the Missouri […]

Jesse James’ gang pulled first daylight bank robbery at Liberty, Missouri

For a “law and order, good guys always win” kind of guy, I have a weird fascination with all things Jesse James. We’ve visited the farmstead of his youth, the house where he met his untimely demise, and even saw the first coffin used to carry his body after he was murdered by Bob Ford. […]

Become a kid again at Kansas City’s National Museum of Toys and Miniatures

Want a trip down memory lane, back to when we were kids and played with our favorite toys? Meet me in Kansas City, near the corner of 52nd and Oak. At the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures. Easy Bake Oven will be there. GI Joe and Barbie, too. The museum, located on the campus […]

‘Tony the Tiger’ voice among famous Nebraskans honored at Norfolk museum

What if I told you that you knew of at least three famous people from Norfolk, Nebraska? Would you doubt me? Of course you would. Because, in reality, there are at least five famous people from the area. And you likely know who they are. The Elkhorn Valley Museum has a great display of Norfolk […]

Hastings Museum offers interesting exhibits of regional history

Hastings is a small city, sitting almost smack-dab in the center of Nebraska. Most people may think its museum is just another small town museum. They’d be wrong. The Hastings Museum of Nature and Cultural History covers the history of the region with outstanding exhibits and great facts. The museum covers the history of Nebraska […]

Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion combines art and science

Sioux Fall’s Washington Pavilion is a mixed use facility. Visitors can take in art, a movie or check out the science museum. Our favorite section was the Visual Arts Center. It offered an array of artwork, including Native American, dioramas and a couple of special exhibits. As you approach the arts center, you’re greeted by […]

Sioux Falls Old Courthouse Museum looks at life on the prairie

The clock tower stands head and shoulders above most everything in downtown Sioux Falls. Built in 1890, the Old Courthouse once was the center of Minnehaha County government. It housed county offices until it proved too small in 1962. The beauty of this Romanesque design, built with native quartzite, was almost lost. Initial plans called […]

Road trip to St. Paul for Nebraska’s Major League Museum and Hall of Fame

Who would think that a guy from a small Nebraska village would rank as one of the all-time great pitchers in Major League Baseball? Grover Cleveland Alexander was born in 1887, a few years after his hometown of Elba was founded in central Nebraska. Alexander would grow up and spend two decades playing the game […]

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