Spring Getaways in the Midwest – #MWTravel Chat

While we may think the snow currently on the ground makes a beautiful landscape at times, we are ready for Spring. We are ready to hit the road and travel to some great Midwest destinations. For our next #MWTravel chat on February 1st, we’re going to give you some great choices for getaways this Spring in […]

Travels 2016: Enjoying a ‘Legendary’ trip around North Dakota

North Dakota’s tourism slogan is “Legendary.” That’s how I would describe our visit. We knocked a few things off our travel bucket list, including a stop at the Scandinavian Heritage Park and festival in Minot. We enjoyed a jam-packed trip around North Dakota. It all started with a visit to our good friend, Dakota Thunder. […]

Tracing North Dakota’s history in Bismarck

From giant prehistoric fish and dinosaurs to underground missile silos, North Dakota’s history covers about 80 million years. In its earliest days, the Peace Garden State was part of an inland sea. The heritage center and museum in Bismarck tracks the state’s history through various stages of its growth. In all, four galleries offer a […]

Getting my Scandinavian on in Minot

I’ve mentioned my dad in a few posts, because something we did or somewhere we went reminded me of him, or I knew he would have been interested. Well, I know he would have pushed aside his plate of sardines for a chance to get an upclose look at Scandinavia without leaving the United States. […]

Why not Minot? The ‘Magic City’ waves its wand for interesting tourist attractions

Minot has a bad rep. Even I’ve made fun of it in the past. While stationed at Grand Forks Air Force Base in the 1980s, I attended leadership school at Minot Air Force Base. I joked that I spent a year there one month. When base assignments were handed out, you prayed you didn’t get […]

Exploring Bismarck

I lived in Grand Forks, ND, for more than five years. I never ventured too far west. I never visited Bismarck during that time. In the past 13 months, Lisa and I have been to Bismarck twice. And we can’t wait to get back there a third time. We spent a couple of days in […]

‘Legendary’ North Dakota road trip, Part 2

The opportunity to visit the International Peace Garden has long been on my bucket list. Our recent trip to North Dakota allowed us that opportunity. Lisa and I departed our overnight stay in Minot and headed to the US-Canada border, home to the International Peace Garden. Before we arrived at our destination, we diverted to […]

May Midwest Travel Twitter Chat – Travel North Dakota

Disclosure: Thanks to Travel North Dakota for sponsoring this post and the May Midwest Travel Twitter Chat.  All opinions and views are ours. A beautiful landscape, experiences, history and people in the Midwest that can only be called “legendary” exists. Actor Josh Duhamel is also proud to call this place his first “home” and now brings his […]

Welcome to Spring

It’s here! It’s here! Not the new phone book (Steve Martin fans, smile). Spring. Spring time is upon us. Time to put away the heavy coats, mittens, scarves and galoshes. Time to break out the windbreaker, umbrellas and sneakers. Ah, yes, spring time. Does anything beat spring, with trees sprouting new leaves and new flowers […]

National Park Service offers free admission dates as part of its centennial in 2016

  The National Park Service turns 1oo years old in 2016. Do you know what the very first national park was? Yellowstone National Park was deemed a national park in 1872 by President US Grant. Other parks and monuments followed, but the National Park Service didn’t come together as an organization until 1916, when President […]

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