Lincoln’s national rail support leads to Union Pacific calling Omaha home

Abraham Lincoln faced several tough issues and decisions during his tenure as our country’s 16th president. One decision continues to play a major role for the Omaha metropolitan area. The first transcontinental railroad started during his first term. Today, Union Pacific calls Omaha home. The city is the headquarters for the nation’s top railroad, employing […]

Walkin’ with Harry: Taking Independence’s Truman trail

Harry S. Truman was the “walking president.” He took daily walks during his time in the White House, including a walk to the bank to personally deposit his presidential paycheck. That’s unheard of today, for a lot of reasons. He had a four-man detail that would travel with him, basically surrounding him as he walked […]

Eisenhower Museum covers military, political careers

A visit to the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum will be heavy on World War II, and a little lighter on Ike’s presidency. The Abilene, Kansas, presidential center includes five attractions of sorts – Dwight Eisenhower’s boyhood home, a visitors center, a meditation place, the presidential museum and the presidential library. Abilene was the hometown […]

Omaha’s Ford Birthplace and Gardens honors nation’s 38th President

Gerald Ford was the United States’ 38th President. He served in the Oval Office from August 1974 until Jan. 20, 1977. His was one of the shortest administrations for a chief executive who didn’t die in office. He was also the first non-elected Vice President and President. Ford, a Republican member of the House of […]

Spending the day following the footsteps of President Lincoln in Springfield

Presidents Day is a little more special to me after visiting Springfield, Illinois. While spending a week in St. Louis, Lisa and I took a day trip to Springfield, Illinois. It was the home of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, our 16th president, lived in Springfield before his election. His plan was to retire there after serving […]

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