Presidents Day: Midwesterners who served in the White House

About a third of American Presidents (15 of 44) have Midwestern roots. Can you name them? Only kidding. The quiz comes at the end of the post. We’ve visited seven locations related to our presidents, with six of them belonging to the Midwest. In addition, Rapid City, SD, is home to Mount Rushmore, honoring four […]

Mount Rushmore should always be on a must-see list when visiting Rapid City

Four great American presidents look out over the South Dakota landscape at Mount Rushmore. Their view is as amazing as the view they provide the millions of people who visit the national monument annually. Mount Rushmore is located near Keystone, in the beautiful Black Hills region of western South Dakota. The tree-lined hills are called […]

Rapid City Presidents walk a look at American history

Four presidents are probably the best known faces of Rapid City – Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln. The four faces make up Mount Rushmore. But, the city has added to the presidents’ popularity. Rapid City’s downtown is home to the “City of Presidents” sculpture walk. The self-guided tour has a statue of each person […]

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