The ‘Mother Road’ – Missouri Route 66 attractions

Route 66 runs almost 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica. Route 66 is known for its kitschy manmade attractions, as well as natural attractions. Almost 315 miles of the highway run through Missouri. A 50-mile stretch from Waynesville to Cuba provides entertaining and historical points of interest. During our visit to Pulaski County, the […]

Travels 2016: Showing off great attractions in Missouri

History and beauty topped our visits to Missouri during 2016. From the days of Lewis and Clark to beautiful art, we enjoyed our stops in Kansas City, St. Joseph, as well as Pulaski County. Pulaski County ranks high on my list of fun trips. We took in the Civil War, Route 66, an old railroad […]

Driving Route 66 through Pulaski County, Missouri

Long before Route 66 ran through Pulaski County, Mastodons roamed south central Missouri. Native Americans used the trail to hunt animals. White settlers used the route to travel to Springfield and St. Louis. In the early 1900s, it was a gravel road. Then, in the mid-1920s, Route 66 was built to run from Chicago to […]

Get your kicks in Oklahoma City: Route 66 and more

Route 66 – famous for “get your kicks on Route 66” – runs about 2,451 miles, from downtown Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier in California. Yet, the longest stretch of drivable highway lies within the Sooner State. Oklahoma offers travelers about 400 miles of actual Route 66 pavement, along with the myriad of attractions […]

St. Louis: Getting our kicks on Route 66

Route 66 has been immortalized as part of America’s modern culture. The highway, which runs from downtown Chicago to the Santa Monica pier in California, has been referred to as “America’s Main Street” and the “Mother Road.” Lisa has been enamored with all things Route 66 since I’ve known her. if she finds out any […]

Oklahoma City is OK!

As the song goes, Oklahoma, where the winds come blowing down the plains…” Well, Oklahoma also offers some great Walking Tourists attractions. From the famous Route 66 to urban oil wells, we took in quite a bit during a long weekend visit. We hit the major tourist attractions – Bricktown, Oklahoma City National Memorial, Myriad […]

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