3 reasons to book a tour with Omaha Culinary Tours

We’ve been on several tours with Omaha Culinary Tours.  At first, I thought, OK, check out some restaurants that we haven’t been to before and have some food. Well, an experience with Omaha Culinary Tours is much more than that. Learn Omaha History Omaha Culinary Tour has tours that cover most of the city of […]

10 things to do in Nebraska

Nebraska IS “The Good Life.” This is a very popular slogan with us. Nebraska has a lot of interesting attractions – both historical and cultural. Of course, most people probably recognize Nebraska as home to the Huskers or one of the world’s best zoos. But, we have a lot to offer. I recently made a […]

Omaha’s history as told by steak

Omaha is known as a great steak city. We have five good reasons to back that up. Omaha Culinary Tours started an Omaha Classic Steakhouse Tour, and I was fortunate enough to get to tag along. Ok, me and my two daughters. The tour, which includes a comfy bus ride, includes Omaha’s five oldest steakhouses – […]

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