Street art – Omaha’s Benson area showcases its style

We love street art. We make it a point to be part of any trip we make. There’s something about street art that we find intriguing. When you find it in your hometown, it’s even better. So, as were walking around the Benson neighborhood one day, we came upon an alleyway consisting of several murals. […]

Searching for Omaha’s street murals

Street art can be some of the best of modern art. The murals painted on sides of buildings can be real, visceral. It’s just plain beautiful. Cities have areas dedicated to street art. We’ve visited a couple of them – Kansas City and Rapid City. The art in these cities tell stories, express political and […]

Kansas City street art brightens area

What may have started as graffiti in its early days has grown into a popular art style referred to as street art. Murals and other paintings liven up urban areas. What may have once been a grayish-looking building is transformed into an art piece. Street art shouldn’t be confused with graffiti. Grafitti by its nature […]

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