Hometown tourists – Checking out Omaha history with Nebraska Tour Company

A recent history tour of Omaha allowed me to look at some of our areas from a different viewpoint. The trip with Nebraska Tour Company covered areas from the Old Market to both north and south Omaha. Nebraska Tour Company was created by Jamie Thomas. Jamie is a friend of ours, so taking the tour […]

Learning about Indiana government with capitol tour

It may not have been the people’s first choice, but the current Indiana State Capitol building has outlasted its predecessors. Completed in 1888, it became the fifth and final state capitol building for the state. Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th state 200 years ago. The first capitol building was a […]

Joslyn Castle is Omaha’s bid for royalty

  Built in 1903, George and Sarah Joslyn completed Omaha’s lone castle. The 35-room Scottish Baronial mansion was built on Omaha’s outskirts, where the Joslyns could look out from atop the hill. The castle was referred to as “Lynhurst” by the owners. But the name never caught on with locals, who called it Joslyn Castle. […]

Alcatraz Island: History from prison to Native American occupation

My brother Johnny was an activist, actor and musical performer. His spoken word inspired many people of all backgrounds. He passed away Dec. 8th. He was 69. His activism and his eloquent speaking  style came to the world’s stage during an occupation of Alcatraz by a group of Native Americans in the late 1960s. Johnny […]

Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium tour takes you close to the action

Len Dawson. Hank Stram. Lamar Hunt. Their names are there. High above the field at Arrowhead Stadium. They’re part of the Ring of Honor for former Kansas City Chiefs players, coaches and ownership. The Ring of Honor is one of the views visitors get when they take a tour of Arrowhead Stadium. Two former Nebraska […]

Target Field provides Minnesota Twins a beautiful stadium

Put me in coach. I’m ready. That’s how I felt when we were in the Minnesota Twins dugout during a tour of Target Field. The Twins have been my team since the early 1980s, when they were affectionately known as the “Twinkies,” because they were so terrible and lost many more games than they won. […]

3 reasons to book a tour with Omaha Culinary Tours

We’ve been on several tours with Omaha Culinary Tours.  At first, I thought, OK, check out some restaurants that we haven’t been to before and have some food. Well, an experience with Omaha Culinary Tours is much more than that. Learn Omaha History Omaha Culinary Tour has tours that cover most of the city of […]

STL Culinary Tours fills appetites with St. Louis-area walking tours

Can you imagine being called the best in your field? That would take a lot of determination, effort, and a little bit of luck. For Beth Heidrich, it’s a welcome acknowledgement of the work she’s put in her walking food tour company – StL Culinary Tours. “Wine Enthusiast Magazine” named her company as the No. […]

Omaha Culinary Tours scores with chocolate and pastry tour

I love my daughters. They are great people. We were out of town recently, and they were interested in taking a chocolate/pastry tour with Omaha Culinary Tours. So, Stephanie and Mallory offered to do a post for the blog. What troopers! Travel around town in an air-conditioned bus and eat chocolates and pastries. Then, talk […]

Omaha Culinary Tours – Giveaway!

Ever want to try a new place for dinner but just not sure where to go? Wish you could try a bunch of local places in a short amount of time? Want to hear all about the history of Omaha while enjoying some local restaurant favorites? Do you ever want to feel like a tourist in your […]

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