Travels 2016: A look back at fun times in Iowa

  We started our 2016 travels in Clear Lake, so it seemed fitting to kick off our travel recap with Iowa attractions. From a frozen lake in January to statues created using the “American Gothic” painting as inspiration, we enjoyed a lot of fun times around Iowa. We were thrilled when we were asked to […]

Tractor history plows into Waterloo’s John Deere Museum

  When pioneers moved to the west, they brought with them their eastern farming tools, including plows. That made sense. However, they struggled with the terrain of the Great Plains. The soil had to be frequently cleaned off the iron or wooden plows. John Deere relocated from Vermont to Grand Detour, Illinois, and ran a […]

A look at Waterloo’s history through the eyes of the Grout Museum

Waterloo is a river city. It sits near the Cedar River in northeastern Iowa. Its nearly 70,000 residents make the city Iowa’s sixth largest. Its history is interesting and is documented at the Grout Museum of History of Science. It all begins with a model of the Battle of Waterloo. The 1815 battle ended the […]

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