Christmas 2016: Wichita celebrates with ‘Illuminations,’ Victorian theme

Editor’s Note: This holiday season, we are taking a look around the country at events and attractions that celebrate the holiday season. Today, we look at our visit to two major Wichita events – Illuminations and a Victorian Christmas at Old Cow Town… Wichita loves itself some Christmas spirit. “Humbug” doesn’t fly this time of […]

Midwest Christmas celebrations

The turkey has been stuffed. OK, I’ve been stuffed…with turkey and stuffing, and all the fixin’s our daughter Steph made for us. So, now, our attention to turns to the Christmas season. We love decorations and lights. This will be year 3 of no Christmas tree or indoor decorations. Our cat-son Gus loves shiny objects, […]

Road trip plans, Part 1: Check out Wichita or Oklahoma City for weekend trips

  This is the first in a three-part series. The Labor Day holiday is a few days away, do you have your three-day weekend plans set? Are you tossing around the idea of getting out of town for the weekend? Maybe, a longer trip? Well, here are some locations to consider for weekend trips: Kansas […]

Old Cowtown Museum brings Wichita’s early days to life

Call Wichita a “Cowtown,” and locals may say thank you, with a smile. Wichita may be an air transportation and high tech center, but, in its earliest days, it marked the end of the Chisholm Trail – a cattle drive from Texas – where cattle were hauled away to market by train car. The cowboys […]

Encountering unique animals at Wichita’s Sedgwick County Zoo

Wichita’s Sedgwick County Zoo offered us a chance to see some animals we don’t normally see at the Omaha zoo. We appreciate the opportunity to see new animals. The zoo, which opened in 1971, has about 3,000 animals on display. It can take a few hours to tour the zoo. Our visit started with a […]

Courtyard by Marriott offers comfy stay close to Wichita Old Town attractions

The Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Wichita’s Old Town district is an excellent location and stay. It’s a few steps from the retail and entertainment district. The hotel rests on the spot of an old warehouse. The hotel documents the progress of renovating the site through a series of photos near the lobby. We hadn’t […]

Hatman Jack’s adds to Wichita cowpoke lore

The Delano District of Wichita represents the city’s cowboy past. Delano was part of the famed Chisholm cattle trail in the 1960s. As most people know, cattle were driven by cowboys. Cowboys needed a good hat. And they still do. Hatman Jack’s is appropriately positioned in Wichita’s Delano district, along the Chisholm Trail. Hatman Jack’s […]

The Donut Whole is worth the stop in Wichita

It’s a donut shop. No, it’s a concert venue. Nope. It’s an art gallery. Coffee shop, maybe? Each answer is correct. The Donut Whole in Wichita is all of these things. And more! We found the Donut Whole during our recent trip. Lisa was told to check it out. So, we did the right thing, […]

Wichita has delicious food scene

Wichita has a fondness for great food, ranging from the comfort of a known commodity to the flashiness of food trucks. The food is delicious and worth the adoration. In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ve tried something that originated in Wichita. Brothers Frank and Dan Carney were students at Wichita State University. As […]

Wichita’s Nifty Nut House is a candy wonderland

Who needs Willy Wonka when you have Nifty Nut House? The Wichita icon is home to hundreds of nuts and sweets that would make the eccentric candy castle owner jealous. While the store doesn’t include candy in the name, it has a super large inventory of all sorts of candy. Gummis, sour patches, licorice, candy […]

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