Nebraska Wine Tours share their love of wine

Football. Corn. Steak. When you think of Nebraska, these are probably some of the first things to pop into your head. What about wine? Award-winning wine. Hmmmm…you didn’t think about that, did you? Nebraska may not be the regional leader in wineries, but of the 34 wineries statewide, several challenge to be the best in […]

‘Expedition Yetter’ helps educate people on where their food comes from

Iowa’s Food and Family Project strives to help educate the public on the relationship between the farming community and the general public. The goal is to fill the gap and overcome misunderstandings regarding farm products and what we buy at the store. To help achieve this goal, the organization hosted “Expedition Yetter.” It consisted of […]

Weston, Missouri, offers great day trip opportunities for Midlanders

Weston was once a major port city along the Missouri River. During its heyday, the city was second in size only to St. Louis in Missouri. Times change. A major flood eventually moved the Missouri River a mile west of town. So, now the once mighty river city is a great day trip location for […]

Grapes, wine, games and fun

For a couple of non-drinkers, we really get around to alcohol-based places. We were recently invited to go to the James Arthur Vineyard in Raymond, Nebraska. Raymond is about 15 miles north of Lincoln. The setting is picturesque. Situated in the rolling hills of the Nebraska plains, soybean fields and vineyards surround the winery. Our […]

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