Enjoying Clear Lake in the winter

People tend to hate the snow and cold that comes with winter. Lisa and I visited Clear Lake, Iowa, recently. The weather wasn’t the greatest. A fog prevented us from getting a good view of the lake. Of course, the lake was frozen over for the winter. Winter gives us an opportunity to find a […]

Holland speaker: ‘Polar Obsession’ to explore arctic life with photos

  We’ve seen some of the coldest temperatures this winter for the first time in a long time. Nationally, we’ve experienced a polar vortex , as well as numerous Alberta Clippers. The Omaha area has had an overall dry winter, with little snow to account for. This seems to be the norm more than the […]

Wintertime break – Let’s go to the Omaha zoo!

If you live in a northern tier city, you know winter is never fun for a variety of reasons. One major bummer is the lack of things to do. Well, a zoo can help beat the winter time blues. Especially, when that zoo is one of the best in the world. Henry Doorly Zoo and […]

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