Time for a cool treat at Smoothie King!

It is summer time!  Time for activities in the great outdoors…and HEAT!  Need to find a cool and tasty treat to beat the heat while not feeling so guilty about the calories?  Check out Smoothie King!

Believe me, the last week without an air conditioner, a cold smoothie would be a great treat to beat the heat!
Fruity Smoothies at Smoothie King

Smoothie King is an international brand that has been around for 43 years.  Its mission is “Smoothies with a Purpose.”  According to www.smoothieking.com, founder Steve Kuhnae wanted to battle food allergies and other health conditions.  In this quest he combined nutrients and proteins with natural fruits and vegetables to create custom blends.  He improved his health so dramatically that he believed in good nutrition.

Smoothie King's mission - Smoothies with a Purpose

The first Omaha location opened in April at Loveland Centre on 90th and Center.

Smoothie King at 90th and Center in Omaha

I was invited to meet up with several other bloggers to sample eight of their best sellers.  These were the fruity and tasty flavors:

Sampled 8 different tasty smoothie flavors at Smoothie King

Angel Food (strawberry banana)#1 Best Seller
Lemon Twist Strawberrygreat sweet meets tart flavor
Mangofestvery fruity flavors of mango, pineapple and orange
The Hulk Vanilla – had a great flavor and has been known to be a favorite amongst cancer patients going through chemo to have a soft food to enjoy.
Chocolate Gladiator w/PB & bananaSounds like one Elvis would have loved! 
Berry Carrot Dream – must get the deep orange color from the carrots 🙂
Almond Mocha (high protein)great for the coffee lover and makes a great meal replacement
Pineapple Surfpineapple, strawberry, kiwi

There wasn’t one that I can say that I didn’t like.  It was difficult, however, to come up with a favorite.  I think that my top three were: Angel Food, Hulk Vanilla and Lemon Twist Strawberry.

One thing that I love about a company is their involvement in the local community.  Molly, one of the owners, stated they are dedicated to this cause.  They’re seeking to get involved in partnering with local running events. They’ve been busy at the College World Series.  If you want to check them out when headed to a game, they have a spot near Mattress Factory.

If you’re a fan of saving money, like we are, Smoothie King has an app for that.  The app gives you all the nutritional information for the menu and updates you with store promotions.  You can also collect points toward your smoothie purchases.

Smoothie King app shows promotions and allows you to get points

Molly said they were glad they made the decision to build the location with a drive-thru.  It makes it easy to pick up your smoothie on the go.

Smoothie King Drive-Thru

So, whether you are looking for a meal replacement or just a great cool way to beat the heat, check out Smoothie King!

For more information on Smoothie King, please visit their website, www.smoothieking.com.

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