Verizon connects you to your life


In recent years, our phones have grown to be more than just telephones.  They have become a way for us to connect throughout the rest of our lives.  We may not even realize how much we rely on them.  As Tim and I travel, we use them A LOT.  When in the car we use them for looking up the closest gas station with the best price per gallon, the best local restaurant, and how to get to the next attraction on our list using the GPS apps.  But, what I did not realize was how much more my phone could do, until I recently took a tour of one of our local Verizon stores.


The Verizon store on 76th and Dodge in Omaha is currently the only Verizon Smart store in the city.  Over the next few years, the rest of the stores will follow this same model.  It introduces the customer to all of the devices and accessories that can enhance a customer’s lifestyle.  They have laid out the store by sections that highlight these different areas.

I was going pretty gaga for some of the items in this store.  Tim has been bugging me for a holiday wish list and I have not provided one as of yet.  I think I may have a few ideas now.

The first section was called “Amplify It.”  This section was focused around the audio accessories available.  These were mostly speakers.  The one that caught my fancy because of its brand name, quality of sound, and cool color selection was the Bose Soundlink speakers.  These are wireless speakers that you can connect through bluetooth to hear phone calls, play music from your Pandora account and more.  This was the one of three items from my visit that is now on my wish list.


The next section was “Get Fit.”  They had items, such as a variety of Fitbits, the Garmin Vivofit, and the Sony Smartband, for tracking items such as calories burned, steps and other activities including sleep.  In addition to these activity tracking accessories, they had items for the sports enthusiast to help you perfect your golf swing, backhand for tennis or pitch for baseball.  There is even a soccer ball – called the miCoach Smart Ball – that can become a coach, with instant feedback on your kick results.  The information gets sent to your smart phone.  How cool is that?


The next section that we came across was “Customize It.”  This section had me thinking of an idea for the pro football fan in my life.  They have Otter box cases for your phone for every NFL football team.


Want to change up your color choices on your case every once in awhile?  You can do that, too.  There are now more selections than ever to customize your case.  You can change the insides and outsides to give your phone its own flare.


Another section I found particularly cool was the “Home and on the Go” section.  This section highlighted items that could help to reduce household bills and/or alleviate some concerns about your home while away.  There are lights that you can control to turn on or off via your smart phone.  They say that the weather in Nebraska (or most anywhere really) can change if you wait 5 minutes.  Well, with the Nest Learning thermostat, you can control your thermostat anywhere you can access the Verizon 4G LTE network.  Let me tell you, that’s a ton of places.  We even made a phone call from a glacier once in Alaska.


The last item that I have been thinking about for awhile about getting since we have been on the road more in the past year is a Wi-fi Jetpack. This would allow us to take a secure wifi connection on the road with us.  We would not have to worry about whether or not our hotel had a secured network and/or charged extra for it.  Nor would we have to worry about how fast the connection was or will be at the hotel.


So, I’ve found a few cool new toys and tools for my holiday wish list.  Next time you pass by a Verizon store, consider stopping in and finding out how much more your phone can do.  Perhaps consider giving one of these items for a holiday gift.  Connect more with Verizon!