Vino van Gogh paints a fun evening

Vino van Gogh gives you a chance to make your own masterpiece

Lisa asked me once if I would be interested in attending a wine and painting event. I quickly flexed and in my best Arnold impression, said, “Nein! That’s a girly thing to do.” Of course, it sounded more like Hans and Franz of Saturday Night Live. Also, my body hurt after doing that flexing.

So, long story short, we arrived at Fernando’s restaurant in Blair (Nebraska) for a Mexican dinner before attending our Vino van Gogh paint session. Dinner was nice. I was dreading the art portion of the evening, to be honest. I had made a bet with Lisa and the result was us attending a wine and painting event.

Vino van Gogh makes sure you don't make a complete mess

Well, to be honest, our Vino van Gogh experience was fun…and educational. Our art teacher – Kipp – did an excellent job in explaining what was expected and what was “really” expected.

Vino van Gogh provides what your 'after' should look like and an instructor

He showed us the painting we would be “copying.” It was a beautiful moonlit night piece.

We started with four blank canvasses. The folks at Family Fun in Omaha were attending the event, as well.

Vino van Gogh starts you with a blank canvas and the necessary tools

I thought my canvas represented a blizzard quite well. However, I couldn’t get away with it. I had to try to paint the moonlit night art piece.

The folks at Vino van Gogh do all the heavy lifting for you. Kipp arrived early and set up our work stations, and laid the paints we’d be using.

Vino van Gogh is not paint by number but they help you along the way with some conceptual instruction

As we “painted,” Kipp would walk by and check our work. He was always complimentary of our progress. He even told me once that my work reminded him of van Gogh. I wasn’t sure how to take that. I’m sure he meant it as if van Gogh had no art talent and couldn’t paint the broadside of a barn, I was that good

I was psyched to paint the trees on my canvas. I did my best to engage my “inner” Bob Ross. You remember him, right? The guy on PBS Saturday afternoons, who always made painting trees near a stream look super easy? He lied! He tricked us! At least me. My trees were awful.

I looked at Lisa’s work, and she did a much better job. She was dainty and organized about her work. I swear she had the paint by number set!

Vino van Gogh

In the end, the folks at Family Fun did a better job of painting. Lisa was a close second, and there was me. I was the kid they give a ribbon to just for participating.

Vino van Gogh

Seriously, we had a blast! Vino van Gogh was a fun way to spend a couple of hours, which flew, by the way. The five of us joked with each other. It was truly a great time and a fun date night.

Vino van Gogh differs from some of the Omaha-area wine and paint events in that they rotate locations for their events. The one we attended was in my birth town of Blair. I grew up four miles away in Kennard, and always lived in the area until I became an adult (questionable most days).

Vino van Gogh has been in Omaha for more than a year. The company is originally from St. Louis. Their goal is to provide a unique, fun experience for people in local settings. They succeeded.

Even though I’ll never be a true van Gogh or Rembrandt, I had a great time. And that’s the main goal. I’d actually do it again.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Vino van Gogh for the complimentary event. However, all views and opinions are ours.