(Walking) Challenge accepted

Walking Challenge MapWalking Challenge MapI love walking, as quite a few people know. I park far away in parking lots in order to get extra steps. I skip the elevator whenever possible to get extra steps. I really enjoy walking.

One year, I challenged myself to get 1 million steps in the month of August. That’s 32,259 steps per day – 15.25 miles day. I exceeded that goal, finishing with 1.2 million steps.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Mallory issued a challenge. She challenged me to walk the distance from the Los Angeles City Hall to a courthouse square in Portland, Maine. We figured it at 3,082 miles. Or about 6,521,690 steps. This averages to about 17,868 steps per day, or about 8.5 miles (8.46).

This challenge is achievable. It will take a commitment.

I thought I might incorporate it in my travel blog. I thought about weekly updates, but believe I will do monthly ones to start with. I thought that at the end of each month, I would share the step total. I can include tourist attractions of the spot I’m at on the map.

There is a payoff, besides a healthy challenge.

If I achieve my 3,082-mile goal by Dec. 31st, I get a lobster dinner (based on Maine being the finishing point) at the restaurant of my choice.

If I fail, Mallory gets a steak dinner at the restaurant of her choice.

So, effective Jan. 1, 2014, I start my walk from LA to Portland, Maine.

Happy New Year and good luck to all of us on our challenges and resolutions.