Walking challenge – I’m in the heartland

 Beaver Crossing

I am at the halfway point in my walking challenge with my youngest daughter. As you may recall, she challenged me to “walk” across the United States – from the Los Angeles City hall building to Portland, Maine. It’s a total of 3,085 miles.

I totaled 312 miles in June – 10.41 miles per day. That brings my total to 1463.92 miles. After 181 days, I am averaging 8.08 miles per day (I had an off April with only 150 miles), or an average of 17,097 steps per day. I need 1621.08 miles to achieve my goal – or an average of 8.81 miles day. That is 18,625 steps per day.

Starting at the LA City Hall, I finished June in my home state of Nebraska. My steps finished at just outside of Beaver Crossing, a small town about 36 miles west of Lincoln, our state capital.

To highlight my “walk” across America, I have seen a few attractions.


Los Angeles’ city hall is a popular tourist stop. We were there a couple of years ago, when we met friends for the Nebraska-UCLA football game.

Along the way, I’ve visited Madame Tussad’s wax museum on the Las Vegas Strip.


In Colorado, I’ve been across the Rocky Mountains and checked out Denver.


Crossing into my home state, I’ve visited some great western Nebraska sites, including Buffalo Bill Cody’s Ranch in North Platte.


Kearney is home to the Great Archway.


From Beaver Crossing, I hope to finish July near Iowa City, Iowa – home to the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July and a great month.