Who can resist furry baby animals? See them live – Promo Code


Exotic Animals in Omaha outside of the Zoo?  Yes, that’s right.  Animals along with Peter Gros from the original series Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom will be captivating an audience here in Omaha.  Join us at the Holland Center on Friday, Nov. 8th for this family friendly show.  We are definitely looking forward to the show as huge wildlife fans.

His work as a conservationist has taken him to far reaches of the globe including the Amazon Basin.  There he took a group of sixth graders on an expedition to study the Peruvian rain forest.  Wow!

During the show, he will be highlighting stories from his years of travel, conservationism, and wildlife filming.  This will be mixed with clips from a blooper reel and introductions of live exotic animals to the audience.

Omaha Performing Arts is offering our readers a very special deal.  You can get $5 off of each ticket purchase by using the promo code of OMAHABLOGS.  You can get your tickets online at Ticketomaha.com, calling  402.345.0606 or at the Ticket Omaha Office inside the Holland Center, 1200 Douglas St.