Dining on Long Beach peninsula

Long Beach peninsula
The Lost Roo offers casual dining in Long Beach.

Long Beach peninsula is home to some amazing food. Be it a spin on burgers to elk sausage gravy to duck glazed in a maple syrup, Long Beach and Seaview restaurants have delicious dining down pat. Restaurants range from casual dining to fine dining.

We started our visit to the southwestern Washington coastal communities with lunch at the Lost Roo. As you enter the parking lot, you’re welcomed by a kangaroo painted on the pavement, directing traffic.

Long Beach peninsula
Hop this way.

The interior is just as interesting. A kangaroo and its Joey are carved in wood and welcome visitors in the entryway. The doors have boomerangs as handles.

Inside the restaurant, a laid back, casual atmosphere greets visitors. The staff is very good at their jobs. They followed up on us and kept drinks filled throughout our visit.

Long Beach peninsula
You can catch a game with your meal at the Lost Roo.

The restaurant and bar has several television screens, so visitors can check out several sporting events or games at their leisure.

Since we were a bit hungry, the three of us split an order of bruschetta. The tomatoes were fresh, the vinaigrette was tasty.

Long Beach peninsula
Bruschetta was excellent at the Lost Roo.

Mallory ordered a meatball dish that featured three meatballs, mashed potatoes and veggies. The meatballs had a distinct taste. Tasty.

Long Beach peninsula
The meatballs had a tangy flavor.

Lisa and I each ordered the special – a prime rib burger. Each burger has sautéed onions and cheese. They came with a side of tots. It was a lot of food for the three of us, and none of us could clear our plates. LOL.

Long Beach peninsula
Lisa and I each ordered the special with tots.

The Lost Roo got its name because the owners – he from Seattle, she from Scotland – met in Australia. They figured if they ever saw a kangaroo in long Beach, it would be lost; hence, the Lost Roo.

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The property is well decorated outside. Metal sculptures of kangaroos are located around the parking lot. Sea shells are used as filler as part of the landscape. Quite interesting.

Long Beach peninsula
Kangaroo sculptures are located around the business.

We stayed at The Shelburne Inn and enjoyed a few meals there. Our first evening we had dinner in the Pub. Lisa went with fish and chips, while Mallory and I each chose a bowl chili and a Caesar salad. None of us were disappointed. The chili was among the best I’ve ever had. The salad was a good Caesar salad, with just the right amount of dressing.

Long Beach peninsula
Fish and chips at The Shelburne Inn.

Lisa enjoyed her fish and chips. She was the lone fish lover in our group. I prefer seafood, such as crab, lobster and shrimp. Lisa enjoyed her choice for dinner.

Breakfast at the Seaview-based inn was complimentary with the room. Each option was amazing. We enjoyed omelets, biscuits and elk sausage gravy, as well unique takes of French toast.

Long Beach peninsula
French toast and more at the inn.

The Shelburne Inn has been owned by David Campiche and Laurie Anderson for 40 years. The inn is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year.

Long Beach peninsula
The Shelburne Inn.

The B&B has 15 guest rooms and two outstanding eateries. The Pub for casual dining and the Restaurant for more formal dining allow guest to decide what they’re in the mood for. We had breakfast in the Restaurant each day.

We had a truly amazing dinner at The Depot in Seaview. The food at The Depot dances on your taste buds.

The Depot sits on the spot of the original train depot for Seaview. The depot was originally built in Ilwaco, a few miles away. But, a businessman bought the building, relocated it to Seaview and convinced the railroad to come to Seaview.

Long Beach peninsula
The Depot in Seaview.

Today, Chef Michael Lalewicz and his bride Nancy Gorshe have owned and operated The Depot for about three decades. The restaurant has been recognized as one of the best restaurants on the Long Beach peninsula, earning “Best of” victories for fine dining, clam chowder, burgers, as well as Michael’s selection as the best chef.

Long Beach peninsula
Chef Michael running his award-winning kitchen.

Dinner was amazing. Lisa enjoyed an appetizer of Oysters ‘Scargot. The oysters are broiled and served in a garlic lime sauce. She enjoyed each of the six wild oysters. Mallory and I dipped some of the French baguette into the sauce. It was the right thing to do.

Long Beach peninsula
Oyster ‘Scargot appetizer.

Mallory ordered the Chicken Parmesan. It was served on a bed of Gold Yukon smashed potatoes with house Pomodoro sauce. Oh, it tasted amazing (we each sampled the others’ plates).

Long Beach peninsula
Chicken Parmesan was a delicious choice.

Lisa selected the Southern Comfort Pork. It was a braised pork shoulder in Southern Comfort Bar BQ Sauce on yam mashers, seasoned with brown sugar surrounded by jalapeño creamed corn topped with green onion, maple and bacon salsa. The pork melted in your mouth. It was sooooo delicious.

Long Beach peninsula
Braised shoulder pork was a good choice for Lisa.

I chose the Autumn Duck. I figured I had eaten the baby duck for breakfast (a poached duck egg came with my meal at The Shelburne Inn), so why not one of the parents? I chose wisely. The pan seared duck breast – from a naturally raised duck – was topped with caramelized onions and Granny Smith apples, with a maple glaze. It came with yam mashers topped with candied pecans. I quacked with delight with every bite.

Long Beach peninsula
It walks like a duck.

Amazingly, we had room for dessert after our meal. Again, we each went with a different option, so we could all taste the others’ choices.

Long Beach peninsula
Brownie dessert.

Mallory chose a brownie dish with a scoop of ice cream, topped with syrup. The brownie tasted fresh and homemade.

Lisa’s dessert included a chocolate mocha dish. I’m not a chocolate fan, but it was good.

Long Beach peninsula
A mocha chocolate dish.

I had the very last cobbler available for the evening. It was good! Topped with a scoop of ice cream, it melted with each spoonful of the apple cobbler.

Long Beach peninsula

After we finished our dinner, Mallory told Nancy that The Depot was one of the best restaurants she’s dined at. Each bite was just as good as the last one, she mentioned. Each meal stood on its own. We concur.

We had a delicious weekend of dining on the Long Beach peninsula. The Lost Roo was great for casual dining. The Shelburne Inn shined with outstanding breakfasts and dinner. The depot showed why it’s the best in the area. We recommend dining at any or all of these places. Your taste buds will love you for it.

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Disclaimer: Thank you to The Shelburne Inn and The Depot for the complimentary meals. However, all opinions and views are ours.