What to expect at Britishfest 2017

Where is Doctor Who off to now? How about Omaha’s Britishfest?

Doctor Who fans rejoice! The Fourth Doctor will make an appearance at Omaha’s Britishfest. Sort of. A Tom Baker lifelike sculpture will be on hand for photo opportunities. The sculpture will appear alongside the 18th season’s console room.

Not only will the Fourth Doctor “make” an appearance at the June 2-4 convention at the Comfort Inn and Suites at 7007 Grover Street, real life “Doctor Who” cast members will visit in person. Frazer Hines, Terry Malloy and Colin Spaull will reminisce with fellow Whovians. Hines appeared in 117 episodes of the British series. He is topped only by actors who performed as the “Doctor.”

Cosplay (dressing as one’s favorite fantasy/sci fi/TV or movie character) will again play a major role at Britishfest. Major guest cosplayers scheduled to attend include Ezmeralda von Katz, Lady Red and Sons, Jacob D and Jenna Foster. Local Doctor Who lookalike Josh Caito will be on hand. William and Linda Newman will attend. They are Steampunk cosplayers. Cosplay activities will be hosted by local cosplayer Eric Hunter.

Steampunk cosplayers.

Britishfest attendees can take part in several panel discussions. Topics range from Doctor Who to Star Wars to cars with a Top Gear panel. Other panels will cover belly dancing, as well as look at the paranormal. Sunday will include a group dance to the “Rocky Horror” Time Warp.

Other activities include a room featuring props, such as Doctor Who’s daleks, console room and TARDIS and Harry Potter’s Platform 9 ¾.


Convention goers can take part in the activities offered in the game room, as well as check items for purchase in the dealers room.

Britishfest is a fun and interesting convention to attend. People truly enjoy this event and are great to socialize with. People are willing to pose for pictures in costume. Just be respectful.

We’re looking forward to attending this year. Maybe we’ll see you there.

For more information, please visit www.britishfest.weebly.com.