Jesse James Lives on at the Chateau Avalon

Mural on wall of Jesse James suite at Chateau Avalon

For our 15th wedding anniversary, Lisa and I discussed taking a long weekend somewhere warm, like San Diego, Vegas or Orlando. When we looked at airfares, we agreed we did not want to spend an outrageous amount for a 3-day trip. So, we then decided to head down to Kansas City.

Lisa came upon a nice Living Social deal for KC area hotels. We looked at deals for luxury hotels. I liked the idea of staying at The Elms ( in Excelsior Spring, MO. A few steps from the hotel is my favorite Kansas City-area barbecue joint, Wabash.

Lisa liked a hotel near Legends Mall, Chateau Avalon. The hotel offers themed rooms. Plus, it was closer to Kansas City attractions and restaurants. After she showed me the Jesse James Escape room on the hotel’s website (, she won. As a former Cowboy wanna be, I got my chance to “live” the experience.

Chateau Avalon in Kansas City, Kansas

Chateau Avalon is a beautiful hotel. It maintains a private setting despite being less than a half-mile from the Legends Outlet Mall. The entrance is inviting. A water fountain sits just outside the parking lot. It’s shut off for the winter months, but pictures of it during warm weather makes its look relaxing. Fountain outside the Chateau Avalon

The hotel has several tables and chairs scattered around the grounds for people to use for meals or visiting.

The hotel has an intimate lobby. The staff is very friendly. The staff doesn’t have set uniforms. The employees dress very nicely in professional dress. They check you in quickly and review the options available for extras – such as spa treatments, wine lists, breakfast and desserts.

Once we found our room, I was thrilled to see it. It was actually a suite. The living area had a 25-feet long wall mural of a Jesse James Gang train robbery. The closet appears to look like a cave entrance, with rock trim.

Jesse James Room resembled a bunkhouse The bedroom resembled a bunk house. You had to step up on a wooden porch. The bed frame could have been from the western days of the 1800s.

Romantic packages available at Chateau Avalon in Kansas City, KS The hotel surprised us with pink rose petals, a long-stemmed rose and two chocolates on the bed. This is not the standard procedure. Apparently, they like doing this randomly for guests.

Each room has a jet tub. You can add a package with mineral salts and flameless candles. Hot Tub had colored lights making it relaxing and entertaining at Chateau Avalon

We ordered dessert for our first night. The apple tort was delicious. It was enough for two people.

We set our breakfast order for the next day. We hung the menu list on the door handle outside the room. A staffer comes by after 11 p.m. to get everyone’s choices.

Breakfast was amazing. Lisa had French toast. I had a ham and cheese omelet with a bowl of fruit. Each meal comes with a huge cinnamon roll for a couple to share. Guests also get two drink options – hot and cold.

We took a tour of the open rooms in the hotel. We saw classic, as well as more themed rooms.

Camelot themed suite at Chateau Avalon in Kansas City, KS

Luxury-themed rooms include the Venetician, Camelot, Monte Cristo, Roman Dynasty, Tuscany and Presidential. The luxury suites have a clean, sharp look.

Classic rooms are a small step down from the luxury suites. These rooms include The Lincoln, Hemingway, Seville, Renaissance, Casablanca and Havana.

Renaissance room at Chateau Avalon

The themed rooms appealed more to me because of the room décor.

In addition to our Jesse James room, the hotel has these “Adventure” themed rooms – New York Penthouse, Castaway Isle, Serengeti, Tahitian, Tahitian Treehouse, Colorado Frontier, Mayan Rainforest, Egyptian Palace and Buckingham.

New York Penthouse at Chateau Avalon

The New York Penthouse suite looked like an apartment with a Central Park view. It was clean with modern curves. The jet tub is partially obscured by a curved wall. The bedroom is upstairs and offers a nice view of the living room. The suite is painted white with modern décor.

The Serengeti was one of my favorites. As you walk into the room, an alligator “greets” you. The gator accessory adds to the ambience. A rhino head sticks out of the wall in the living room. The jet tub area has a jungle theme.

Serengeti room at Chateau Avalon in Kansas City, KS

The bedroom is upstairs, atop a rock staircase. The bedroom has a hut feel to it.

We had a great experience and will definitely stay there again.

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If anyone is interested in trying out the hotel, let Lisa or me know. We have referral coupons.

Chateau Avalon in Kansas City, KS