Kenosha’s public art scene

You have to love a building with a mural of Captain America on it.

Art comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be a mural on the side of a building, or a statue along the lakefront. In Kenosha, Wisconsin, the public art we viewed also included business signs. The city, located about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, offers a lot of art to enjoy.

Carthage College has a beautiful backdrop to the campus – Lake Michigan. Standing tall a few steps from the lake is a statue named “A Learning Moment.” The art features President Abraham Lincoln sharing thoughts and information with John Hay, an alumnus and former Secretary of State. President Lincoln once served as a trustee for then-Illinois State University, which later moved to Kenosha and became Carthage. Hay graduated from ISU before the move.

President Lincoln and John Hay scene at Carthage College.

As we strolled Kenosha’s downtown area, we loved the architecture and designs along the way. Mike Bjorn’s clothing store gives visitors a look at a unique store – it’s part store and part museum. We were intrigued to visit as soon as we saw the sign in the shape of a bow tie.

The bow tie alone is enough to make you want to visit the store. Once inside, it’s a museum and a clothing store.

An old Rexall Drug Store sign harkens back to older days as it stands atop a downtown building. We love these types of signs.

We love business signs as art.

Kenosha’s city officials use portable murals as part of the public art. The murals can be moved to different areas if necessary. So, they resemble billboards or giant post cards rather than actual murals. However, if a painted wall mural is what you want, you will find them around the city. We found an interesting looking one (at least to us) downtown.

This is an interesting mural downtown.

The lakefront is home to several statues. Visitors can enjoy a beautiful day along the lake trail, taking in not only the sculpture walk but three museums – the Civil War, Public Museum and the History Center and Southport Lighthouse.

The Southport Lighthouse offers a beautiful view along Lake Michigan.

The sculpture walk has interesting statues on display. A life-sized giraffe, sun burst, boat and a pig playing a horn are among the sculptures you can enjoy on the walk.

“When pigs play musical instruments” or something like that.

Architecture is a form of art. Church buildings are prime examples of an artist’s (architect) imagination. We found numerous buildings that appealed to us.

Church architecture offers some of the best art we witness.

Not to be left out, we thought a McDonald’s restaurant offered a look back at earlier times for the fast food chain. The style of the restaurant a short drive from Lake Michigan stands apart from current modular styles.

We love the throwback to the old days of McDonald’s.

We had fun checking out the public art in Kenosha. The city offers so much beauty. We encourage checking out the art scene in the city.

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