Mormon Trail used Omaha as Winter headquarters

The Mormon Trail center is not just for those of the Mormon faith. It is a center of reflection for all on a piece of history of the pioneer struggle and our city’s, Omaha, role in that for the Mormons. The tour guides are mostly made up of individuals working on their mission.

Omaha was a major player during the Oregon and Mormon trails migration. Each trail traveled through Nebraska in the 1800s.

The Mormons used Omaha as their winter headquarters. People would stop here and stay for up to two years during their migration. They originally migrated from Nauvoo, IL, to Salt Lake City, UT.

The Mormons were basically forced to leave Nauvoo. They were determined to get their new homeland, Salt Lake City.

Traveling between Nauvoo and Salt Lake was difficult, due to extreme weather conditions and bad routes, including miles of mud lakes.”

Mormon pioneers settled on staying along the east bank of the Missouri River. They built hundreds of cabins from sod and wood. People stayed here for up to two years while they earned money to replenish supplies for the migration.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has a Mormon Trails Center museum, where the public is welcome to visit for free. The tour includes the church history of the migration. It was very interesting to learn of the issues the church’s pioneers encountered.

Across the street is a pioneer cemetery, where about 300 people were buried. A monument featuring a man and woman stands over the graves of eight Mormon pioneers. A temple is located next door.

If you are looking for an interesting off the beaten path attraction in Omaha, we recommend spending an hour here.