Omaha’s My Pie serves pizza fast, ‘your way’


My Pie
Omaha is the newest site for My Pie’s fast casual pizza.

Omaha has several choices when it comes to a good slice of pizza. What would make someone decide to open a new shop and join the fight for their slice of the action? For Blair Hanover, it was the chance to provide a great pizza made the customer’s way. “Pizza your way” is the slogan at My Pie, Omaha’s newest pizza restaurant.

My Pie – located near the intersection of 120th and Blondo Streets – offers fast casual pizza. They use a style similar to Neapolitan pizza making – high heat and a specific tomato base. Pizzas are cooked in about two minutes. It takes about two minutes to create a customer’s pizza. So, within five minutes of placing your order, you should receive your pizza. Customers can create their own style of pizza or choose from several options on the menu.

My Pie
A customer watches as a My Pie team member puts together his pizza choice.

My Pie uses a different concept in ordering. Customers order as they come in to the restaurant. They can choose the cheeses and toppings, similar to a sub sandwich shop. The restaurant’s menu offers solid selections such as The New York, Margherita, Grandma’s Pie and Mr. White (an all-white cheese pizza).

My Pie
Some of the toppings available for pizzas.

Hanover decided to join forces with the Phoenix-based company because he felt comfortable with the ownership and liked the product. Omaha’s restaurant is the first franchised location outside of Arizona. Plans call for additional restaurants in other states.

We visited My Pie along with a few area bloggers to try the food and drinks. The food is delicious. We tried a variety of appetizers (starters), salads and pizzas. For dessert, try a chocolate chip cookie.

My Pie
Enjoy the cookie warm.

The pizza was delicious. Each person in our party had their favorite. Lisa liked the Mr. White, especially. My favorites were the Margherita and the Husker. The Husker is a specially designed pizza found only at the Omaha shop. Using an Alfredo base, the Husker includes roasted corn, jalapenos and bacon. Hanover plans to add hamburger to it. It had a spicy bite.

My Pie
The Husker.

We sampled garlic knots (garlic flavored bread bites), Mamma’s meatballs and caprese. Each starter was impressive. I could see ordering the meatballs and caprese as a meal for myself.

My Pie
Try the meatball starter.

The Mediterranean salad was delicious. I’m not a fan of artichoke or feta cheese, but I enjoyed the salad. The Going Green salad consists of your basic green salad, and would be a good choice. The menu has a few more salads.

My Pie
The Mediterranean salad is delicious.

My Pie has gluten-free options. The staff ensures the gluten-free dough is kept separated from the other dough. They change gloves when handling gluten-free dough. The pizzas are baked on a screen to ensure they don’t come into contact with the gluten pizzas.

Additionally, My Pie offers vegan cheese for people who need to watch their dairy intake. We have a family member who must have dairy- and gluten-free, so My Pie automatically becomes a dining option for us.

My Pie offers wine and beer, in addition to a soda fountain. Eight beers are offered on tap, including local craft breweries.

My Pie
My Pie offers local craft beers among its beers.

We enjoyed our visit to My Pie and recommend dining there. We may see you there on our next visit.

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