Street art – Omaha’s Benson area showcases its style

Omaha street art in the Benson neighborhood
Omah’s Benson neighborhood is home to some impressive street art.

We love street art. We make it a point to be part of any trip we make. There’s something about street art that we find intriguing. When you find it in your hometown, it’s even better. So, as were walking around the Benson neighborhood one day, we came upon an alleyway consisting of several murals. Now, we think we’re good at being aware of what goes on in Omaha, but where the heck did these murals come from?

Well, it turns out they’ve been around for a while. The Benson area has been home to the artwork for a couple of years. The mural project covers some buildings along the alleyway for a few blocks between 59th and 62nd Streets.

They vary in style. One that stood out to us is behind the Beercade (a combination bar and arcade). The mural has a “Donkey Kong” video game theme. It helps that the paintings use the building’s fire escape stairs as part of the story.

Donkey Kong done as street art in Omaha's Benson Neighborhood
“Donkey Kong” plays on the alley side of Beercade.

On the side of the building, Pokemon leads people to the Beercade entrance.

Omaha street art on side of Beercade building
Pokemon leads all to Beercade.

Another building had its three floors covered with a treehouse mural. It was beautifully done.

Living tree  as street art in Omaha's Benson neighborhood

The former Pizza Shoppe had a mural depicting Homer’s “Odyssey” on its alleyway side. The art was immaculate.

Homer's Odyssey interpreted as street art in Benson
The former Pizza Shoppe building has a literary mural.

A law office has a scene featuring animals. The mural is colorful.

Omaha art
The Benson Law Center is home to this mural.

A parking garage features giant insect on the side of the building. They are cool to look at.

Omaha art
Not sure I want to run into these bugs in an alley.

The art in the alley is impressive. Some of the murals are in need of touch ups, but they’re still impressive.

Omaha art
The artwork is amazing.

One building has vines that weave over a mural of woman whose hair flows toward the ground, mixing with graffiti.

Omaha art
Mural combines art with vines.

The art included portraits of immigrants who settled in Nebraska. The project – The New Nebraskans – was created by local artist Watie White.

Omaha art
Art project recognizes immigrants to the area.

The murals take up a few blocks in the Benson neighborhood and worth the tour. As we’ve discovered new areas for public art in Omaha, it’s been a fun journey. What’s the public art scene like in your hometown?