Enjoying the view along Kenosha lakefront

Kenosha has a beautiful lakefront

Kenosha has seen its name change a few times. A lot of communities have gone through that as part of their history. As Pike Creek gave way to Southport, which eventually became Kenosha, the city’s lakefront has changed over time. From its early port days to its manufacturing era, the Kenosha lakefront has evolved into a beautiful attraction.

Today, you’ll find people combing the beach for pretty rocks washed ashore, gulls hanging out in search of a free meal, as well as people fishing from the shoreline. The lakefront offers ample opportunities for people to enjoy the day along Lake Michigan.

It was interesting watching people search for the “right” rocks on the beach.

We were impressed with the beauty of the area and the attractions. The Civil War Museum and Public Museum are located a few feet from the water, standing near where automobiles rolled off the assembly line four decades ago. Each museum offers a beautiful view of Lake Michigan from its second floor observation deck.

Southeastern Wisconsin has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

We loved walking along the lakefront. We covered quite a bit of the area during a couple of visits to the lake. You can catch the streetcar, too, if you’re interested in heading farther downtown, maybe to grab a meal or drink.

Kenosha’s streetcar runs between the lakefront and downtown.

As you stroll along the walking path that stretches a few miles, you can encounter some beautiful artwork. The city has several sculptures located throughout the path. You may see a giant giraffe or a boat sculpture as you walk by. The artwork is exquisite.

You can see the Southport Lighthouse in the background of the ship sculpture.

We “discovered” a new type of bird (to us, anyway). Terns with black heads were hanging out with the gulls along a beach. The birds look similar, but the tern had black tops and a different-shaped head. They were fun to watch for a few minutes.


We saw terns for the very first time during our visit. The black-topped birds are similar to gulls.

The point of being next to one of the Great Lakes is to take in as much as you can from the experience. Kenosha doesn’t disappoint. We walked up to the edge of the water, thanks to a nice rocky shore and flood wall design. I wouldn’t even dare think of trying to step into the water, as it looked quite chilly.

We enjoyed our walk along Lake Michigan.

The lakefront has a nice port entry. Boats have to drive slowly when entering and exiting the port, so as not to create any waves. But, once the boats clear the North Lighthouse, they open up and you can see them start speeding away on the water. It was pretty fun to watch a few of them leaving port for the open water.

Boaters are excited to pass the lighthouse so they throttle down and speed off to open water.

As we continued our stroll along the lakefront, we were in the mood for a hot coffee. Common Grounds has THE perfect spot along the lake. You can grab a latte or other drink and take a seat in front of a window, where you can soak in the view of the lake and activities. The latte at Common Grounds was excellent.

Common Grounds has a great view of the lake.

Kenoshans are proud of their military heritage. A beautiful veterans monument is located across the street from the lake. A large globe (which has a fountain, but it wasn’t flowing during our visit) is part of a larger monument which recognizes area men and women for their service and valor for the United States.

Kenosha’s veterans memorial takes up abut half a block and is impressive, with the globe a dominant feature.

You can walk to the Southport Lighthouse and History Center, which are just a few feet from the water. We enjoyed a great view of the area from the top of the lighthouse during our visit to the city.

Kenosha’s lakefront has something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors and water. It’s a beautiful attraction for Wisconsin’s fourth largest city. We recommend spending some time there when in Kenosha.

For more information on Kenosha and its lake attractions, please visit www.visitkenosha.com.