3 Ways to find your adventure at Indiana’s Strawtown Koteewi Park

Things to do in Strawtown Koteewi Park
Strawtown Koteewi Park is full of activities located in Noblesville, Indiana.

Strawtown Koteewi Park is a short drive from Indianapolis in Hamilton County’s Noblesville. It’s chock full of options to find your sense of outdoor adventure. From hiking trails and a natural history center and archaeological center to archery, horseback riding and fun in the treetops, you’re bound to find something to interest your group.

Koteewi Archery Range 

Kotweewi Archery
Hit the bullseye at the Koteewi Archery Range.

Do you ever look for new things to try? Or do you want to try to imitate Wonder Woman or try out for the next Olympics?

I enjoy looking for new ways to stretch myself. During a hosted visit in Hamilton County, I was able to try my hand at archery at Strawtown Koteewi Park. I was given a quick lesson by one of the instructors at Koteewi Archery Range and then given reign to try to see how well I could do on my own. The lesson must have been a good one, as I was surprised by my newfound archery skills. I only hit the close targets, so, no Olympic medals anytime soon, but for a first try, definitely not bad.

Aim for target at Koteewi Archery
I was surprised I was able to hit the target with only a short lesson at Koteewi Archery Range.

Koteewi Archery Range hosts local and national tournaments. It appeals to all ages and skill levels. I loved that they had fun targets to aim at in addition to the typical bullseye variety.

Targets at the Koteewi Archery Range
How fun is it to try to hit a foam dinosaur or bear instead of just the bullseye target?

Want to try your hand at archery? You can book your own lesson here.

K-Trails Equestrian Adventures

Horses at K-Trails Equestrian Adventures
Friendly horses at the K-Trails Equestrian Adventures.

I love horses. Although I am not around them much, I will not pass up a chance to take a ride on these beautiful animals. I was fortunate enough to take a ride with the crew at K-Trails Equestrian Adventures. I was impressed by the clean and modern stable facilities and the number of horses that they had available to ride.

Horseback Riding near Indianapolis
The trails were easy on the riders and the horses.

Following a briefing on the horses and picking out a helmet, we started our 90-minute ride. We rode a planned trail in Strawtown Koteewi Park. The staff with K-Trails knows each horse’s temperaments and quirks. I knew that when my horse was lagging behind a little, I needed to give the horse a little encouragement to catch up by gently its side. It was a beautiful ride along the park’s wooded area.

They offer several options for rides, including family trail rides, group rides, sunset rides and pony rides (for those under the age of 7, who are not able to ride on the bigger horses).

To make your reservation with K-Trails, check availability here.

Koteewi Aerial Adventure Treetop Trails

Koteewi Aerial Adventure Treetop Trails offers 60 courses of zip lines and treetop trails.  The courses offer a variety of obstacles with different levels of difficulty. I’ve always had a slight fear of heights; however, I’ve started to try new things. I do have my limits, but I’d like to return to Hamilton County to try them out.

For more about all of the adventures to be had at Strawtown Koteewi Park, check the website here.