Grapes, wine, games and fun


For a couple of non-drinkers, we really get around to alcohol-based places.

We were recently invited to go to the James Arthur Vineyard in Raymond, Nebraska. Raymond is about 15 miles north of Lincoln.


The setting is picturesque. Situated in the rolling hills of the Nebraska plains, soybean fields and vineyards surround the winery. IMG_2059

Our party, including Lisa, decided to participate in wine tasting. You can do one of two types – four for $4 or six wines for $5 a person.

IMG_2092Each person reviewed the wines they tasted. Some received high marks, while one or two were not as popular.

We had a nice time at the winery. We had a table outdoors under a tree. We played a few card games while enjoying cheese and crackers with the wine. BTW, I didn’t have but a sip of two wines. That’s about all I can handle these days. I had a nice 2013 Diet Pepsi (24-oz selection).

We took a stroll along the vineyard, checking out the rows of grapes growing for this year’s wines. The grapes were primarily green. I would love to come back in a month or so when the grapes turn darker. I think the winery area would be beautiful in the Fall’s colors.


James Arthur is one of 21 wineries in Nebraska. It’s the largest one in the state. There are about 300 vineyards in the state, according to the winery’s website –


The winery offers group tours, is open for group meetings, as well as weddings.  Weddings take place on Saturday mornings.


Live music can be heard on weekends, usually Saturdays.

While everyone in the group enjoyed the wine and company, an added bonus for me was the photo opportunities. IMG_2070

Our visit to the James Arthur Winery has piqued my interest in visiting other wineries and vineyards. If you haven’t been to one, regardless if you drink wine or not, a visit would be worthwhile.