More than hot dogs: Omaha’s B&B Express includes BBQ, sliders

Ribs at B&B Express on 168th and Harrison
Smoked baby back ribs are popular with diners at the west Omaha location.

Known for its creative hot dogs, the owners of B&B Classic Dogs in Bellevue gambled on a new concept in southwest Omaha. B&B Express opened a little more than a year ago, offering diners barbecue ribs, chicken and pork sliders, as well as smoked pork tacos in addition to a scaled-down menu of hot dogs.

B&B Express is a scaled down version of the original restaurant in Bellevue. However, its menu expanded to include barbecue. Barbecue appeals to area residents, said co-owner Diane Bruce. B&B Express moved into the former Doc and Eddie’s at 168th and Harrison Streets. The restaurant’s staff continues to work on developing menu items, including exploring adding brisket tacos.

The barbecue menu includes smoked baby back ribs, pork tenderloin and rib meat sandwiches. A large rack of ribs and large side of coleslaw runs about $20. The ribs are tender and tasty. I added a little barbecue sauce, but thought the ribs tasted better without the sauce.

Ribs at B&B Express on 168th and Harrison
The ribs are tender and tasty.

The sliders we sampled during a visit were delicious. We tried pork and crispy chicken sliders. I think if you grab a couple sliders and a side dish, you’d have a great meal. Every Thursday is $1 slider day. For a buck each, you can order your choice of smoked chicken, crispy chicken, pork tenderloin, pulled pork and hamburger.

Sliders at B&B Express on 168th and Harrison
Visitors have five choices of sliders.

The pulled pork taco is topped with coleslaw and a pickle spear. Mixed with a special sauce, the pickle adds a tangy taste to the taco. An order consists of two tacos, served on lightly toasted tortillas. B&B Express is considering adding a brisket taco.

B&B Express
The tacos are impressive.

Not to forsake their main business, B&B Express’ menu offers almost a dozen custom hot dogs. Choices include classic favorites Slaw Dog (Nathan’s hot dog topped with creamy coleslaw, yellow mustard and spicy chili sauce), chili cheese dog and the DERF Dog (consisting of a hickory smoked apple hot dog topped with barbecue sauce, onions and shredded cheese).

B&B Express
The B&B Chicago Dog tastes like one you’d find in the Windy City.

The restaurant offers theme nights, including Kids Night every Wednesday. Children under 12 get a free Lil Pup meal with each adult meal purchased. Friday is Footlong Night, with $1 off each footlong. Saturday usually features rib deals.

Holidays, rental space

With the holiday season underway, B&B Express offers ribs and turkeys for pick-up. Turkeys include boned-in and boneless. Prices for 5-6 lbs. turkey runs $35 for boned-in and $45 for boneless. A whole turkey costs $49. Call ahead to reserve your bird. Consider buying a jar of the jalapeno pepper jelly. We topped our turkey with it at Thanksgiving. We even converted gravy users in the family.

B&B Express
Turkey and bread pudding make great holiday choices.

If you’re like me, you enjoy a nice dessert after a great meal. B&B Express sells bread pudding. It is amazing! We sampled it during our visit. We also ordered a large pan for Thanksgiving at my in-laws. We plan to order a couple more for Christmas.

B&B Express is open Wednesday-Saturday. People can rent the restaurant for events Sunday-Tuesday. Rentals include the space, balloons and a half-sheet cake. The restaurant can host up to about 40 people at a time. Rentals require food orders.

We are fans of B&B Classic Dogs in Bellevue, so it makes sense that we enjoyed our visit to B&B Express. We recommend visiting the restaurant. If you haven’t tried the hot dogs yet, go for it. You’ll like them. Now that they have added barbecue, I know I’m an even bigger fan.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to B&B Express for hosting a tasting for area bloggers. However, all opinions and views are ours.