Kaneko features art, commentary with ‘Kinetic’ exhibition

Kinetic exhibit at Kaneko
13 wooden creations are featured as part of “Kinetic” at The Kaneko art gallery in Omaha.

Omaha’s Kaneko art gallery’s current exhibit includes a look at modern politics, as well as American history, among its artwork. All through the art of movement. “Kinetic” highlights artist John Buck’s use of moving pieces that help tell the art’s story. The exhibit – which is free to the public – runs through Oct. 14.

Buck, an Ames, Iowa, native, graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with his undergraduate degree. He received a Master’s in Fine Art from California-Davis. He is based in Montana. Buck offers the majority of the pieces for the exhibit, but the exhibit features other artists.

“Kinetic” features 13 large pieces in the gallery’s main hall. Each piece either has moving pieces or represents movement. “The Immigration” ranks as one of my favorites because it offers a look at American history with a canoe featuring explorers through today’s controversies. Buck completed the piece in 2016.

John Buck's works on display at Kaneko in Omaha
“The immigration.”

“Cats in the Cradle” appears to be a popular art piece. It depicts explorers coming to the New World, as well as disease and religion forced upon native residents.

Moving wooden art creations part of Kinetic at Kaneko in Omaha
“Cats in the Cradle.”

Another strong message represents the corruption of American politics. Two blindfolded people cut down the Liberty tree and its national symbols depicted in branches. Money flies up from the ground as the country battles for its soul.

This piece interprets corruption in politics.

While we could have spent hours watching Buck’s artwork, we knew had a lot more to check out. A smaller gallery features paintings and sculptures depicting movement. Each was beautiful and worthy of spending a considerable amount of time with it.

A different look at kinetic.

Other art, science

The Kaneko also offered a different look at kinetic art. The gallery’s second floor was home to some unique flowers. “Blumen Lumen” interacts with visitors. If you stand beneath a flower, it will open its petals and display LED lights. It took a little while to figure out the display, but it was an interesting part of the “Kinetic” exhibit.

Interactive floral exhibit.

A local connection also highlights the science of movement. The University of Nebraska –Omaha’s biomechanics department shares some of its projects related working with people suffering from limited movement. The UNO exhibit features advanced foot prostheses.

UNO mechanics looks at various foot protheses.

For more information on “Kinetic” or upcoming exhibits at Kaneko, please visit www.thekaneko.org.