A Shopper’s Delight at Master’s Hand – $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Master's HandOn our way home from our latest trip this week, there was plenty of color on the trees, but we also noticed quite a few bare trees, too.  This only means one thing – winter is on its way, and with it, the holiday shopping season.  We’ve found a few shopping stops in the last year in our travel adventures.  We found a unique one fairly close to home in Tekamah, NE.  It’s about 45 minutes north of Omaha.  My dad and stepmom live there and so visits to the town were many.  We made our first stop to Master’s Hand Candle Co. and Gift Shop, however, just last year about this time.  We were glad we did, as we learned about Susie and her family-based boutique-style shop during that visit.  We now have requests from the daughters every time we go up to bring them back some chocolates.

Master’s Hand Candle Co. and Gift Shop has handmade chocolates, candles, flower arrangements, and an array of gift items such as scarves, purses, and other home decor for each season.

Thanks to Master’s Hand for a $25 gift certificate to shop at this unique boutique shop in Tekamah to give away to one of our readers for our birthday celebration.

They will be having a sneak peek at their holiday offerings this next weekend Oct. 31 – Nov. 2nd.  Be sure to check it out!

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