Never Run Out of Things to Do and Save with Groupon

No, I’m not downing a double shot. We wanted to show off a variety of beers that Lucky Bucket produces. Excellent choices. We took a tour of the LaVista, Nebraska, brewery with a Groupon we bought. The tour also included a case of beer.

Disclosure: Groupon has sponsored this post. However, we were already fans of Groupon and all opinions and views are ours.

Tim and I have heard it more than a few times from some of our friends and co-workers, “We’re not sure what we’re going to do this weekend.” We are pretty sure that they haven’t checked out everything that the Omaha area has to offer. He and I are always finding new things to do. There are always new businesses in our area opening or things that we just haven’t yet made it to.

We are always looking to save money on our exploration habit. A little over a year ago, we took advantage of a Groupon for a tour of a local brewery, Lucky Bucket. The offer included the tour and a case of one of their beers. Funny enough, neither of us are regular alcohol drinkers, but enjoy learning about local companies and we’ve started really enjoying brewery tours.  This was a great way to spend a couple of hours and check out a local business. One of the great thing about Groupon’s Things to Do is that once you sign up to receive deals, that they are targeted to your local area.

Our daughter used Groupon during her first season in Seattle to visit Washington’s Christmas City – Leavenworth.

Our daughter has also used Groupon’s Things to Do to explore her new surroundings. She moved out to Seattle about a year ago. She found a deal to check out the holiday decorations Bavarian style in a town about 2.5 hours away from her. She bought the deal and loved checking out the area and its holiday decorations. She hopes to do it again this year.

Travel Tip: Both Tim and I,as well as our daughter, used Groupon Things to Do to find activities in our areas. However, I would also recommend when you know that you have a trip coming up to sign up for alerts for that destination. You never know, perhaps you’ll find something really interesting to add to your itinerary.  Or maybe something was already on your itinerary that may show up as a Groupon deal and allows you to save money on something you were going to do anyway.

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