Omaha classic steakhouse Piccolo’s taking menu to the streets

Editor’s Note: Piccolo’s is closed. The food truck is still active.
Piccolo's Steakhouse Omaha

Take one of Omaha’s oldest steakhouses, add a food truck and mix it with today’s social media advancements. The result is Anthony Piccolo’s Mobile Venue.

Piccolo’s, which is celebrating its 80th year in business in 2014, plans to launch the truck in October. Lisa and I had the opportunity to take part in a taste review of the food planned for the truck.

Anthony Piccolo's Mobile Venue Food Truck

Boy, was that the right invitation to accept!

We tried a variety of items – from breakfast and lunch to late night samples. I may have to go find the truck at 2 a.m. sometime.

Breakfast at the truck will have some interesting options.

The first choice we tried was a breakfast sandwich – fried biscuit with egg, cheese and sausage. I liked this one a lot. The egg was cooked well. The sausage patty was thick, so you definitely will get your money’s worth. The cheese was a nice subtle addition.

Fried Biscuit Breakfast sandwich at Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

You can order the biscuit by itself. It comes with pepper jelly or honey. I had each on a half. The jelly had a nice sweet taste, followed by an excellent shot of heat. The honey was sweet.

Fried biscuit with honey or pepper jelly at Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

Sugar-coated donut holes will also be available. They may add other donut options in the future.


The breakfast item I truly loved was a pancake-coated meatball. Meatball? Yep. Forget the sausage. When you cut open the meatball and dip in maple syrup, it has a wonderful taste. This is one reason I will hunt the truck down for breakfast.

Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck
Lunch and dinner options were just as good.

Take a meatball and coat it in cornbread. Add some of Piccolo’s excellent red sauce, topped with parmesan cheese and you have a great lunch option.

Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

A steakhouse luncheon standard will also be featured on the truck. A French dip featuring prime rib will be teamed with au jus and tator tots for an outstanding meal. This was Lisa’s favorite.

Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

A meatball sandwich with a side of tots was tasty.

Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

If eating something on the lighter side appeals to you, try the steak salad. It will have lots of lettuce and other veggies topped with four ounces of delicious steak. It will come with the house dressing or a ranch option.

Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

The lunch and dinner menu will also feature mostaccioli and chicken planks (tenders).

Sloppy tator tots – a potato take on nachos will be available to the late night crowd, as well.

Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

Dessert choices will feature “The Elvis.” This is a cupcake based on the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s love of banana and peanut butter sandwiches. It will feature a banana bread cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting. It is delicious!

Anthony Piccolo's Food Truck

The second cupcake will be double double chocolate. I am not a chocolate fan, but Lisa heard me go “mmmmm” when I took a bite. So, if a non-chocolate fan likes it, well then…

The menu will offer some great choices for people.

Scott Sheehan said he has been contacted by several companies that want him to set up the truck near them. His goal is to have it move around weekly, hitting as many places as possible.

Mom and son kicking off a new era for Piccolo's
Mom and son kicking off a new era for Piccolo’s

Piccolo’s will be a great addition to the food truck industry of Omaha. I can imagine working downtown, grabbing lunch and a drink, and then heading to the Gene Leahy Park Mall for a nice outdoor lunch. Or, grab it and head back to the office. It may brighten the work day for some. LOL.

We are fans of this truck and the concept. There are apps already available for both iPhone and Android users, so people can locate the truck, place their order and pay for it. Then, all they have to do is stop and pick it up. That’s where the technology comes into play. Scott is a fan of social media, so you already know that Piccolo’s will be active with the location updates, etc.

The sooner this truck hits the streets, the better for all of us. LOL.

But, we seriously recommend trying it out when Anthony Piccolo’s venue does go mobile.