Omaha’s Kaneko shines light on art

Kaneko Infinity Room
The Infinity Room offers several rotation images in a small enclosure.

Light stimulates sight and makes things visible to the human eye. At Omaha’s Kaneko Gallery, it stimulates the mind and imagination through “Light,” the newest special exhibit. Dozens of light-inspired pieces encourage visitors to absorb the theme and learn about the impact light has on our lives.

Presented in an entertaining style, “Light” takes a look at the subject through a variety of styles – interactive sculptures, photos and glasswork. The exhibit – with free admission – runs through March 23.

The most popular attraction is the Infinity Room. Created by Refik Anadol, the piece consists of a small room featuring rotating light patterns on a wall that is sandwiched between a mirrored ceiling and floor. It creates the illusion of infinity, when you look up or down, it provides an endless experience.

Inside the Infinity Room
Visitors sense an endless view in the Infinity Room. It’s probably the most photographed attraction.

Triph provides an audiovisual experience. Circus Family, a group of audiovisual designers, created the piece that incorporates light and sound to involve gallery visitors. As someone approaches the exhibit, the lights come on and start rotating. Sounds emanate to help the interactive display. If no one is near, the lights dim, and the exhibit goes silent.

Triph is an interactive light sculpture
Triph is an audiovisual interactive attraction.

“Through the Looking Glass” combines a two-way mirror, wood and LED lights to create an optical illusion. Adam Belt created the piece in 2011.

"Through the Rabbit Hole" combines mirrors, wood and LED lights to create an optical illusion.
“Through the Rabbit Hole” combines mirrors, wood and LED lights to create an optical illusion.

Interactive art

Children of all ages (I may have partaken in it) can play with a large Light Brite exhibit. Someone created a heart just in time for Valentine’s Day (I did not do it. I did naaaaaaahhhhtttt). I did create one that may have mentioned our book that comes out in April, “100 Things to Do in Omaha Before You Die.”

A heart is designed on a large light brite board
A large light brite encourages people to create their own art.

The second floor exhibits feature “Enunciation,” a tent-like attraction. Created with acrylic and LED lights, it uses stainless steel to complete an interactive piece that allows people to enter the attraction.

A tent-like piece created by acrylic, LED lights and stainless steel.
Want to go camping with this?

Another exhibit features giant flowers that open and close, changing colors as you approach them.

Giant flowers that change colors.
Giant flowers that change colors.

Lincoln-born Corey Broman creates glass art. The 39-year-old Hastings College graduate became inspired by Dale Chihuly, possibly America’s most-renowned blown-glass artist. Broman also trained at the Corning Museum of Glass, as well as other outlets.

Glass art created by Nebraska artist Corey Broman
Glass art created by Nebraska artist Corey Broman

We have yet to not enjoy an exhibit at Kaneko. From Hawaiian shirts on display to moving pieces and water-inspired displays, the gallery continues to impress visitors with a contemporary look at art. “Light” is an exhibit worthy of multiple visits. For more information, visit the gallery’s website.