The Rose’s Grocer’s Goblin & Little Mermaid – It’s Magic

The Rose has a tradition of producing shows that share a life lesson for its mostly young audience.  “The Grocer’s Goblin and Little Mermaid” is no exception.

This production was a labor of love over the past 4 years, said director Stephanie Jacobson.  This was evident as the result was pure magic.

The stories in this show were adapted by Brian Guehring and intertwined from the original Hans Christian Andersen tales.  I had never heard of the Grocer’s Goblin nor knew of the original version of the Little Mermaid.  This is not the Disney version.  However, the Rose has put its own form of magic into these tales.

The story opens up to the Grocer’s store in which the grocer’s wife is trying to determine the source of why things get moved about in the store overnight.  As the story of the Grocer’s Goblin unfolds,  the goblin and his friends of various objects in the store – including Ms. Cashbox, Mr. Trashcan and Ms. Butterchurn – discuss the events that just unfolded.  After a bit, a student appears with a magical book of stories.

Photo courtesy of The Rose

In no time at all, the audience is transported to an undersea wonderland with mermaids and sea gardens.

Photo courtesy of The Rose
Photo courtesy of The Rose

The magic in both of these stories is brought to life through all aspects of the production. From the unique puppetry to the projection screen imagery and background music, it captures your imagination as you go between each story.

As I previously mentioned, this isn’t the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, and has a little bit of darker tone to it. This is why The Rose is suggesting this program for children ages 7 & up. The show, as many at the Rose, has a lesson to walk away with.

Don’t miss your chance to catch the magic come to life at the Rose for “The Grocer’s Goblin and The Little Mermaid”. Shows continue through Feb. 16th. Friday shows are at 7 pm, Saturdays at 2 and 5 pm, and Sundays at 2 pm. Admission is $18 each and reservations are required. You can get $14 discounted tickets at local Hy-Vees.

For more information and other upcoming shows at the Rose, check out their website at

Thanks to The Rose for allowing me the opportunity to preview this show.