San Diego harbor offers great attractions and views

San Diego
San Diego skyline at night

History, culture and shopping await visitors along San Diego’s harbor walk. A few years ago, we were in San Diego for a day, so we had to make the best use of our time. We thought the harbor would be perfect.

Maritime Museum of San Diego

The Star of India can take visitors back to the mid-1800s. The 152-year-old boat was built in 1863. It served as a fishing vessel beginning in the early 1900s. It hauled crews to the Bering Sea annually. It returned each year with a haul of canned salmon.

San Diego
Star of India at the Maritime Museum

The Star of India was originally known as the Euterpe. It was used for the India trade route in its infancy. It was sold to the Alaska Packers Association, who changed it into a fishing vessel.

It sits as the anchor to the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Nearby are additional boats and submarines for people to explore.

The B-39 submarine was once a member of the Soviet naval fleet. It was commissioned in the 1970s and served for about two decades. Part of “Project 641” vessels, the B-39 was considered low tech, carrying about 24 torpedoes.

San Diego
Submarine at the Maritime Museum

The harbor walk is home to one of the best memorials I’ve ever seen. A Bob Hope memorial shows the entertainer in front of statues representing people from the various military services. Hope traveled internationally and entertained American servicemen and women during the Vietnam Conflict.

San Diego
Bob Hope memorial along the harbor

USS Midway

Speaking of the military, the USS Midway floating museum is a must-see. The aircraft carrier served the US Navy beginning in 1945. It was retired in 1992. After 47 years of active duty, it eventually became a floating museum and one of the most popular attractions in the United States. The museum opened in 2004 and has annually attracted more than a million visitors.

San Diego
USS Midway floating museum

Visitors can take self-guided tours of the ship. It was interesting seeing operations below deck, such as the mess halls, sleeping quarters, operations rooms and the captain’s quarters. The carrier was a city on the water, as it housed all services needed by sailors – barber shop, PX, doctor’s office, dentist’s office, laundry, etc.

San Diego
Operations room aboard the Midway

The deck was impressive. College basketball teams have played outdoor games on the deck as part of special events.

San Diego
The deck of the Midway with the city in the background

The aircraft on display are amazing. From helicopters to fighters, you can see a lot of the Navy’s old inventory.

San Diego
Lisa’s dad served aboard the USS Oriskany for a while during his naval career

Seaport Village

Seaport Village offers visitors an opportunity to shop (even window shopping), people watch or dine.

San Diego
Harley Davidson store

We enjoyed the bayside park during our visit. People relaxing, flying kites, reading, listening to music. Just kicking back and enjoying a beautiful day.

San Diego
Let’s go fly a kite

Coronado Island

The harbor offers a great view of the bay area. Coronado Island is a short drive or boat ride away. We chose the latter. The trip to the island was worth it. We enjoyed strolling around an outdoor shopping center.

San Diego
Checking our Coronado’s view of San Diego

We took in some of the water sites, such as a person parasailing and others sailing.

San Diego
Parasailing in the bay

Watching Navy ships move in and out the bay area was fun…at least to me. I always enjoy checking out the military vehicles we have. Plus, being an Air Force veteran and living in Nebraska, we don’t see Navy ships on a regular basis.

San Diego
Anchors away, sailors

We walked several blocks across the island to a beach, where we saw families playing together, while others took in the weather. Birds flew overhead, landing to look for a meal.

San Diego
Coronado Island beach

The beach was interesting. It was rocky on one side and then perfect on the other. People were enjoying themselves on an overcast day. The sun broke through a few times on this side of the island.

San Diego
Checking out beach life

We had a fun time in San Diego. We plan to return for a longer stay. We recommend visiting San Diego.

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