Schuster Mansion is an amazing B&B

Schuster Mansion

It all started “because two people met and fell in love.” So says the writing in a picture frame outside the Schuster Mansion’s owners’ room.

We had reservations at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Milwaukee, near the river walk. But, Lisa came across the Schuster Mansion Bed and Breakfast,and thought it would be fun to stay at a B&B.

My main hesitation was having to share a bathroom. It worked out fine. We met our neighbors once – the night they checked in as we were returning from a day out.

The owners have a three-level plan for guests. You pay different amounts based on the level of service you want. The basic level is a room only. That is what you get – room only. They will say hi when they see you, but no other services, such as breakfast or trip ideas.

The second level is room and breakfast (our level). You get a room and breakfast every day. You have three menu items to choose from – an apple delight, fruit crepes, and a ham and cheese strata. OMG! Each meal was better than the last. Rick and Laura Sue can cook! Each breakfast started with an awesome loaf of banana bread.

Fruit crepes were delicious
Fruit crepes were delicious

The third level includes the second level, as well as concierge service. They will work with guests on trip itineraries for Milwaukee. Since we do a lot of trip planning ourselves, we passed on the third level.

All guests do get use of a fridge in the kitchen to keep leftovers, etc. They also get homemade cookies daily. Trust me when I say they are delicious.

A perk of the visit is Isaac the dog. He is a five-year-old Corgi. He is so sweet. He met us at our car as we arrived for our stay. The next day, he played fetch with me. He will let you know when he is done. The dog likes to play fetch.

Schuster Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

He also likes to hang out near the dining room table at meal time, in case you drop any food. He’ll clean it up for you.

The house is beautiful. It is a converted mansion. It was built in 1891 by businessman George Schuster. He died in 1924. His wife then sold it and the mansion was converted to an apartment building.

Schuster Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rick and Laura Sue bought it and converted into the B&B. It is an ongoing project of “love.” They are the perfect B&B owners, in my view. Their love of the history of the building, and caring for the building itself is evident. You can tell it’s more than just a business to them. It’s their life.

The house itself is amazing. It’s decorated in a Victorian theme. The suites and bedrooms have their own unique themes. Our room had a lot of old dresses and paintings. At one point, I half expected the old woman in a piano painting to come out of the frame and take my soul.

Schsuster Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The sitting room, where guests meet with Laura Sue at check-in, is beautifully designed. The sofa and chairs are comfortable and look elegant. The hallway has a nice Victorian presence. A shelf of plates and cups stands at the end of the hallway, just outside the dining room.

The only modern room is the kitchen. Otherwise, every other room maintains the Victorian theme.

One room has a family tree of George Schuster on a table for all guests to read.

The work to maintain the B&B is a daily project for the couple. They have a handy man who works all hours on the house and property.

The mansion is located a few blocks from Marquette University. It is an interesting middle-class neighborhood. People say hi to you as they walk by. It’s a diverse area, with college students, younger people living in apartments, as well as older folks.

If you are looking for something different, Schuster is a nice place to stay. Hey, I gave up a Hyatt to share a bathroom, so what does that say?

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