Standing guard – Hermann the German overlooks New Ulm

Hermann the German statue in New Ulm
A 102-foot tall statue of Hermann the Cheruscan, a depiction of German hero Arminius, overlooks the New Ulm area.

He watches over the Minnesota River valley. He also welcomes visitors to join him and take in the beauty of southern Minnesota. Hermann the German is a popular stop for visitors to New Ulm.

Erected in the 1890s as a tribute to Arminius – who led a German tribe to victory over the Romans – the statue found its way to the small German-American community by way of the Sons of Hermann. The first Hermann statue was built in Germany. Then, a local man, Julius Berndt, supported building an American version. He raised money, eventually landing the giant statue in New Ulm.

Stairs leading to top of Hermann the German monument in New Ulm
Visitors climb the stairs that wind around the base of the statue to get a glimpse of the hero up close and a beautiful view of the Minnesota River valley.

Hermann stands more than 100 feet above the ground. Visitors to the statue climb a set a stairs to reach Hermann’s pedestal. There, people can see for more miles, overlooking the city and valley.

View of the valley below from the top of Hermann the German statue in New Ulm
A view of the area from atop the monument.

A museum highlighting the history of Arminius, as well as the New Ulm area, occupies a small room at the base of the monument. A diorama depicts Arminius in action taking down Roman soldiers. The museum also features Roman battle uniforms and weapons.

Museum at the base of Hermann the German monument in New Ulm
A Roman soldier’s outfit.

The museum also includes a look at the German hero’s marketing influence in New Ulm. A hat features various Volksmarch walks with pins attached to it. Beer steins and bobble heads help share the Hermann story.

New Ulm
Hermann as a bobble head.

The support for Hermann reaches beyond the Hermann Heights Park, home of the statue. Near the visitors center downtown, a large stone footprint is attached to the building’s side.

Hermann the German's footprint in downtown New Ulm, Minnesota
That’s one major footprint.

Hermann’s monument is open to visitors during the summer months and special occasions, such as the city’s Oktoberfest celebration during October. We recommend visiting the monument. There is a small admission fee.

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