Teddy Bear Road Trip


Haybale Teddy BearA local news channel ran a story about a farmer turning some hay bales into a holiday-themed teddy bear. Apparently, it welcomes passers-by the farm.

Our youngest daughter was heading north from Omaha one weekend and decided to take a detour to see the bear. She and her friend were happy they did. They loved it.

A few days later, the kiddo asked me if I was going to drive up and photograph the teddy bear. I doubted it, I replied. I wanted to. And she knew it. So, she offered to drive up with me.

I mentioned this to both my wife and ex-wife. Their replies were the same, “I knew it!”

So, long story short…road trip. My eldest daughter joined the sojourn.

Lincoln Highway on the Iowa side Driving on US Highway 30 through small rural Iowa towns was an enjoyable trip. Highway 30, also named the “Lincoln Highway,” was the first transcontinental highway in the United States.

We had lunch in Denison, home to actress Donna Reed. Later, as we neared our destination, we drove through Wall Lake. Wall Lake happens to be the birthplace of crooner Andy Williams. I had to stop and take a photo of the sign. Birthplace of Andy Williams

Once we reached Lakeview and the bear, I was impressed. The bear display was larger than I imagined. The farmer went to great detail in putting together the bear.

It sits near the intersection of  two highways. It is clearly viewable for passers-by.

Haybale Teddy Bear

We hope he does it annually, possibly with a different take, such as  a Santa Bear or maybe a snowman bear.

It was worth the 2-hour drive north. If you have the chance to take the venture up, I strongly encourage it. If you have a similar attraction in your area, take the road trip for a great time.

Happy holidays to all!

This grain elevator is in Dunlap, Iowa.
This grain elevator is in Dunlap, Iowa.