Trinity Heights tells a spiritual story in Sioux City

Trinity Heights
The statue of Jesus stands about 33 feet tall at Trinity Heights.

Whether you visit for spiritual reasons or for the love of nature, Trinity Heights in Sioux City, Iowa, provides a beautiful setting for visitors. The 14-acre garden is built on the grounds of a former college and high school. The setting allows a serene opportunity for personal meditation.

The monument to Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary was the brain child of the Rev. Harold Cooper. He based his vision on a status of Mary that he saw during a California trip.

Trinity Heights
The Rev. Harold Cooper created Trinity Heights.

At either end of the garden walk stands the Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus Christ. Mary’s statue stands 30 feet tall and shines in the sun with her stainless steel appearance. Jesus is located on the western edge of the park. His statue stands 33 feet tall. In-between, people can visit a multitude of gardens, each based on a religious theme.

Trinity Heights
The Virgin Mary statue stands at the east end of the garden, while her son, Jesus, stands at the west side.

Surrounding Mary is a pathway to the many decades of the rosary. In addition, a nearby garden pays homage to the unborn lives of babies.

Trinity Heights
“Rachel Weeps” is a sculpture at the Circle of the Unborn.

As you stroll along the path to Mary’s spot on the eastern edge of the garden, you will encounter some beautiful flowers and plants. Statues honoring the family can also be viewed.

Trinity Heights
Jesus’ family – Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus.

Several shrines on the campus honor the heavenly mother. Visitors can find them throughout the garden, set up in unique settings, including a grotto.

Trinity Heights
Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the shrines to Mary.

The section housing the statue of Jesus allows visitors to stroll through the 12 Stations of the Cross. Each cross marks a time in the life of Jesus, from his birth to his death and reawakening.

Trinity Heights
Two stops are depicted along the Stations of the Cross.

Several saints are recognized in one section. From Peter and Paul to Teresa, the work done for each sculpture is impressive.

Trinity Heights
Mother Teresa – now a saint – stands with a child in a section highlighting saints.

A major point of interest for visitors is the life-sized wood carving of the Last Supper. About 22 feet long, the depiction of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples took seven years to carve. The artist – Jerry Traufler of nearby Le Mars – donated it to Trinity heights in 1993.

Trinity Heights
A life-size wood carving of the Last Supper.

Traufler’s Last Supper depiction – based on Da Vinci’s painting – used friends and family members as models for Jesus and the disciples. The attraction is located inside the St. Joseph Center.

In addition to the spiritual themes and attractions, visitors can take in breathtaking landscaping views, including flowers and plants.

Trinity Heights
Flowers and plants provide natural beauty from Spring through Fall.

We recommend visiting the park, which is free and open to the public. Trinity Heights should be among the favorite attractions people visit when in Sioux City.

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