Uke’s revs up Kenosha as a Wisconsin Harley-Davidson icon

Uke’s is Wisconsin’s oldest Harley dealership.

Uke’s Harley-Davidson dealership in Kenosha was the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The dealership opened its doors in 1930 with Frank (Uke) Ulicki as the owner. The dealership, still going strong in its 86th year, is home to a Harley-Davidson museum.

Before you step inside, though, Uke’s gets your attention with its 70-foot tower featuring 10 Harley-Davidson motorcycles on their own platforms. It’s a beautiful building.

Visitors are greeted by a 70-foot tall tower displaying 10 motorcycles.

The museum – housed on the second level of the store – includes 3,000 square feet of antique motorcycles, signs, clothing and other memorabilia. We’ve visited the company museum in Milwaukee. The Kenosha museum is a nice complement to it.

The museum on Uke’s second level offers visitors a walk down memory lane for Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson went through a period of outside ownership during some lean years in the company’s history. During that time, corporate owners sought to expand the company’s production with vehicles such as golf carts and snowmobiles. Eventually, Harley-Davidson employees bought the company back and have run it as a motorcycle manufacturer since.

Harley once produced snowmobiles among other vehicles.

I like the gas tank designs that are on display. They represent various styles through Harley-Davidson’s 113 years. The artwork on each one is special to the motorcycle it was used for.

I’ve always liked the gas tank designs for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The Uke’s museum has something no other dealership or museum can claim – a chocolate Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The life-sized model was created for a celebration and was expected to last a short time. It has survived for several years. Tip: Do not touch it or try to lick it.

A Harley made from chocolate.

The museum features highlights of the racing career for Uke’s son Keith, who now owns the dealership. Uke passed away passed away in 2000 at the age of 92.

A section covers the racing career of Keith Ulicki, son of the founder and the current owner.

The sales floor adds to the attractiveness of the dealership. The Harleys are lined up perfectly and are beautiful to look at. It all adds up to a great experience.

The display floor resembles a museum.

We enjoyed our visit to Uke’s and understand why it’s a tourist attraction in addition to a great dealership. Whether or not you’re a motorcycle fan, we recommend visiting Uke’s when in Kenosha.

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