Valentine’s Day deliciousness found at Tekamah’s Master’s Hand

Master's Hand Candles
Chocolate-dipped strawberries are just one of the treats customers can check out at Master’s Hand in Tekamah, Nebraska.

Master’s Hand Candles is one of our favorite stores in the Midwest. It’s a go-to spot when we want to check out seasonal gifts and treats. We met owner Susie Robinson in 2013 when we stopped in for our first visit. Since we have family in Tekamah, it’s become a regular stop when we are in town.

Master’s Hand Candles got its start because of homemade candles. Check out our story from that first visit here. It grew into a store offering a variety of seasonal items, such as clothing accessories and home décor products.

Master's Hand Candles
The store started with homemade candles.

Since its opening, Susie and her “dream team” of employees have worked to improve customers’ experiences. They serve lunch (reservations required). In order to provide a great experience for diners, Master’s Hand expanded its dining room into a separate area. Now, instead of two or three tables available for people, the new room offers space for about 20 or so people. Visitors can also make their own sundaes at the store.

Master's Hand Candles
The expanded dining room allows for more guests to enjoy homemade lunches at the store.

Access to an antique room opens the building’s space even more. The antiques available are impressive. Old books, dishes, and even a near-mint conditioned Farmall tractor toy are available.

Master's Hand Candles
This Farmall toy tractor was popular with shoppers during our visit.

With Valentine’s Day the most recent holiday, Master’s Hand had its hands full (pun sort of intended). Florists prepared dozens of roses to be delivered today in an area that runs about 30 miles one way in three directions. There are some lucky people receiving roses.

Master's Hand Candles
Rose arrangements created by florists at Master’s Hand.

In addition to roses and other plants, Susie and her team go one step further. They are sending a flower to known widows in the area. What can you say about how special she and her team are?

Master's Hand Candles
Carnations will be delivered to area widows on behalf of Master’s Hand.

Gifts were almost sold out during our visit, a great thing for Master’s Hand. However, some of the items available included decorations such as wooden hearts and stringed hearts.

Master's Hand Candles
Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

People love lining up at the Serendipity Chocolate counter for samples before making a purchase. It’s nearly impossible to visit the store and leave without a bag of chocolates. We usually get some for our daughters when we visit. We’ve even bought some for trips to Seattle when we visit our daughter Mallory.

Watching the team create chocolate-dipped strawberries is like watching an artist create a beautiful painting. We watched as one team member dipped strawberries into a hot pot of milk chocolate and then drizzle the chocolate on other strawberries, creating artistic designs.

Another batch of treats included sea salt chocolate cupcakes. They looked soooooo good.

Master's Hand Candles
Sea salt chocolate cupcakes.

You don’t have to wait until a holiday to visit Master’s Hand. The store’s seasonal home and lawn items are always worth a visit to Tekamah. And there’s always the candles that started the phenomena called Master’s Hand.

Master's Hand Candles
Master’s Hand offers a nice selection of home decor products.

We love the store. Susie is a wonderful person, who immediately treats you like a long lost friend. We recommend taking the drive to the Burt County store, about a 40-minute drive northeast of Omaha. Also, check out Master’s Hand Candles’ new website at You can even order chocolates from the website.

Happy Valentine’s Day.