Harvest season: Checking out North Iowa’s agriculture industry

Editor’s Note: With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we thought it would be nice to take a look back at some ag-related stories that highlight the role and importance of farming in the United States. Thanksgiving celebrates the end of the harvest season around the country. here’s our look at farming in northern Iowa… Agriculture […]

Harvest season: A look at agriculture in Decorah, Iowa

Editor’s Note: Lisa visited Decorah as part of a familiarization trip and shared her findings on the agricultural industry in the area. With this week’s Thanksgiving holiday celebrating the harvest season, we thought it might be nice to take a look back at Decorah, Iowa.   I recently had the opportunity to join some other […]

Harvest season: Take a walk back in time at Des Moines’ Living History Farms

Editor’s Note: As harvest season wraps up around the United States, we are taking a look at the role agriculture has played in the Midwest. Today, we take a look at a Living History farm and town in the Des Moines area… Farming has been the backbone of America since its founding. The Native Americans […]

Cedar Rapids goes ‘Gothic’ with art project to honor artist Grant Wood

Grant Wood was 39 when he created his most-famous painting – American Gothic. The painting, which features a farmer and either his wife or daughter standing in front of a farm house, is quickly recognized by almost anyone who sees it. Wood died in 1942. In recognition of his 125th birthday this year, Overalls All […]

Challenges and tribal councils marked Lewis and Clark’s time in Sioux City

The lone member of Lewis and Clark’s expedition died in present-day Sioux City. The story of Sergeant Charles Floyd Jr. highlighted the short time the Corps of Discovery was in the area. Originally, expedition members sought to meet with the Omaha tribe. However, the men never found the Native Americans. Instead, they ended up having […]

Clear Lake, Iowa is one of our favorite spots

As the summer season winds down, lots of people are planning that final summer getaway. Labor Day allows most people a three-day weekend of fun in the sun. Maybe, they’ll do some camping, boating, hiking or fishing. We have fallen in love with a community that offers all of this, plus more. Clear Lake, Iowa, […]

Sioux City’s Public Museum takes interesting look at city’s history

Sioux City has an interesting history. The city’s Public Museum takes a look at that history with a look at the area from prehistoric times to the recent stockyards. Visitors need to watch the orientation film – it runs about 12 minutes and tells Sioux City’s history in an entertaining manner. Sioux City was once […]

United Flight 232 crash is among the history Sioux City’s aviation museum shares

United Flight 232 departed Denver en route to Chicago for should have been a typical uneventful flight. About midway through the trip, the plane lost its rear engine, and soon after all ability to control the plane, Capt. Al Haynes declared an emergency. The plane was directed to land in Sioux City, Iowa. The story […]

Sioux City – Walkabout with art and architecture

  A walk along Sioux City’s Historic Fourth Street provides an interesting look into the city’s history of architecture, as well as taking in some noteworthy artwork. The historic district is home to more than a dozen architecture designs from the late 19th century. Within a two-block walk, you can find buildings constructed between 1889 […]

Chief War Eagle statue looks over three states from Sioux City

Known to non-Native Americans as Chief War Eagle, the man buried atop the bluff overlooking the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers is better known as Waŋbdí Okíčhize among the Dakota (Santee Sioux). A monument honoring the man is located near his burial site, which watches over the rivers’ confluence near Sioux City. Waŋbdí Okíčhize actually translates […]

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