Holy comics! Kansas City’s Planet Comicon brings together celebrities and fans

Thousands of sci fi and fantasy fans donned their best costumes and headed to Kansas City’s convention center as part of the 19th annual Planet Comicon. If you didn’t know there was a convention in town, I’m not sure what people might think seeing Star Trek officers, Wonder Woman and characters from “The Walking Dead” […]

The Yanks are coming! KC museum shares World War I story

It started with two shots fired in the dark. A continent on edge for years had now fallen into war. The “Great War” engulfed Europe following the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary. From 1914-1917, the United States managed to stay out of the war during its period of isolationism. In 1915, more than […]

Play ball! Check out these baseball attractions

It’s opening day for baseball fans. The crack of the bat. The smell of a glove’s leather. Baseball is back. Will the Chicago Cubs repeat as World Series champs? Will Cleveland end its baseball title drought? Doesn’t matter; everyone thinks their team is good enough to win it all…right now. As you grab a hot […]

Spring Getaways in the Midwest – #MWTravel Chat

While we may think the snow currently on the ground makes a beautiful landscape at times, we are ready for Spring. We are ready to hit the road and travel to some great Midwest destinations. For our next #MWTravel chat on February 1st, we’re going to give you some great choices for getaways this Spring in […]

Travels 2016: Showing off great attractions in Missouri

History and beauty topped our visits to Missouri during 2016. From the days of Lewis and Clark to beautiful art, we enjoyed our stops in Kansas City, St. Joseph, as well as Pulaski County. Pulaski County ranks high on my list of fun trips. We took in the Civil War, Route 66, an old railroad […]

Christmas 2016: Kansas City dazzles as the Midwest’s ‘City of Lights’

Editor’s Note: This holiday season we are taking a look around the country at events and attractions that celebrate the holiday season. Today, we visit Kansas City to check out this year’s events and some of the wonderful light displays and events the area has to offer… Forget being the City of Fountains. Kansas City […]

Hallmark: Celebrating Mother’s Day

Millions of moms around the world will open that special envelope today. The Mother’s Day card. And you know your kid cared enough to give you the very best if it says Hallmark. Or so the tagline goes. Actually, Mother’s Day cards can be traced back to the Kansas City-based company. While Mother’s Day has […]

Smelling the flowers in our Midwest botanical gardens

Spring is in full bloom. So are the flowers and plants in our area. We thought we’d take a look at the botanical gardens available to Midwesterners to take in nature’s beauty. Lisa and I realized we’ve been to quite a few during our travels wound the Midwest. I know we’ll see more gardens as […]

Looking for something different for Kansas City dining? Try these spots

Kansas City may be Ground Zero for great barbecue, but it also has some wonderful non-BBQ options for visitors. We usually eat BBQ at least once during a visit there, but we do like to “spread the wealth” for meals. We have found some excellent places to dine in the Kansas City metro area. We […]

Jesse James’ gang pulled first daylight bank robbery at Liberty, Missouri

For a “law and order, good guys always win” kind of guy, I have a weird fascination with all things Jesse James. We’ve visited the farmstead of his youth, the house where he met his untimely demise, and even saw the first coffin used to carry his body after he was murdered by Bob Ford. […]

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