Filling our 2017 bucket list on ‘National Plan for Vacation Day’

Welcome to “National Plan for Vacation Day.” Jan. 31 has been designated as the day to help people plan their time off for the year. Project Time Off says that people who plan their vacations early in the year actually take time off from work for some recreation. It’s vital that people plan to take time […]

Travels 2016: From Mickey Mouse to Lewis and Clark, trips took us beyond the Midwest

Our 2016 travels took us to 12 states, nine of them in the Midwest. With a daughter now living in the Pacific Northwest, annual trips to the region have become the norm. And with Lisa and me attending travel conferences, opportunities to visit other states arise. Lisa found herself at Disney World this year. Lisa […]

Oregon visit combines history and nature

Northwest Oregon’s beauty abounds. We enjoyed an entertaining drive along Route 101, from Long Beach, Washington, to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Our trip mixed history with nature, as well as some manmade attractions. The drive itself is worth the trip. Seeing parts of the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River was impressive. Our first encounter with […]

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