DeSmet, South Dakota – Home to ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Visiting the place where Laura Ingalls Wilder spent many of her years sure differs from what I saw when I watched “Little House on the Prairie” as a kid. We visited the actual Ingalls homestead near DeSmet, SD. The television series, which ran nine seasons from 1974 until 1983, primarily took place in Walnut Grove, […]

Play ball! Baseball is back

“Play ball!” rings out across North America this week, as Major League Baseball kicks off its 147th season. Will this be the year we get another “I-70 Series” in Missouri? Or a “Subway Series” in New York? Maybe, we finally get an “I-5 Series” in Los Angeles. Regardless of where the Fall Classic ends up, […]

Presidents Day: Midwesterners who served in the White House

About a third of American Presidents (15 of 44) have Midwestern roots. Can you name them? Only kidding. The quiz comes at the end of the post. We’ve visited seven locations related to our presidents, with six of them belonging to the Midwest. In addition, Rapid City, SD, is home to Mount Rushmore, honoring four […]

National Park Service offers free admission dates as part of its centennial in 2016

  The National Park Service turns 1oo years old in 2016. Do you know what the very first national park was? Yellowstone National Park was deemed a national park in 1872 by President US Grant. Other parks and monuments followed, but the National Park Service didn’t come together as an organization until 1916, when President […]

We crisscrossed the country for our 2015 ‘top’ travel picks

We had some great opportunities to travel during 2015 and we saw a lot. We’ve seen some of the world’s biggest statues, as well as the homes of major historical figures. Since the end of the year seems popular for Top 10 lists, we thought we’d come up with our own “Favorites” list – of […]

Millie Mouse’s great adventures

BY Millie Mouse First, I have to thank Bill Denney of Little Bill’s cheese emporium in Kansas City (MO) for letting me travel with The Walking Tourists this year. I had a blast! Lisa and Tim took me with the on their trip around the world. At least, it felt like that to me. I’ve […]

Sioux Falls memorializes USS South Dakota; most decorated battleship in World War II

The USS South Dakota was the most decorated American ship during World War II. The battleship participated in every major naval battle in the Pacific Theater. It’s memorialized in Sioux Falls. The South Dakota was decommissioned in 1962 and sold for scrap. So, instead of having an opportunity to figure out how to haul a […]

Veterans Day: How a Nebraska civilian aided WWII’s D-Day Invasion

A Nebraskan played a major role in World War II without ever picking up a rifle. Andrew Jackson Higgins of Columbus designed the landing craft used by the Allies as they stormed Normandy Beach on D-Day. Known as a “Higgins Boat,” the amphibious craft carried soldiers from their ships to the beach. Higgins, born and […]

Local choices highlight Sioux Falls dining

Finding the right local places to eat can be challenging. In Sioux Falls, we knew one place we were going to check out – the Phillips Avenue Diner. We ate there years ago. Lisa and I remembered we liked it. We arrived for a late dinner. Nothing sounded really good to me. No burger. No […]

Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion combines art and science

Sioux Fall’s Washington Pavilion is a mixed use facility. Visitors can take in art, a movie or check out the science museum. Our favorite section was the Visual Arts Center. It offered an array of artwork, including Native American, dioramas and a couple of special exhibits. As you approach the arts center, you’re greeted by […]

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