Backfire – Bikes, BBQ, Sports and Food make Great Experience

Backfire BBQ

Want to see some nice looking bikes and have some good barbecue? Check out Backfire BBQ at the Legends Outlet Mall in Kansas City, Kansas.

Inside Backfire BBQ We “discovered” Backfire a couple of years ago during a holiday season visit to KCK. We were in the area recently to celebrate our anniversary, and my wife mentioned she would like to eat there again.

The food is great! The plates are full and delicious. You can not go wrong with just about anything on the menu.

My wife had a chicken platter. I had a burnt ends platter. Each came with two sides and Texas toast. Unfortunately, neither of us ate our full platter. It was too much food (not a complaint).
Motorcycle at Backfire BBQ

The kitchen is located in the middle of the restaurant. An open flame grill actually helps create heat inside on a cool day. It was interesting watching the cook staff and wait staff work. It is a well-oiled operation. The staff is very friendly. In fact, there was a family near us who had some issues with their meal items. The server worked diligently to correct the issues, so they could have a positive visit.

The menu is reasonably priced. Items range from about $10 to approximately $25. You have a choice of beverages, with a bar at the restaurant. Another Motorcycle at Backfire BBQ

Since we were in KC two nights, we went back the next night. This time, we split a platter. The staff had no problem with it. They brought out two plates, so we could split up the food. Even splitting one platter filled us up.

The restaurant’s theme is motorcycles. Orange County choppers to be exact. There is an Indian motorcycle on display, as well as a couple of old Harley-Davidsons. But, the emphasis is OC bikes. They have several scattered throughout the restaurant. Two motorcycles are on display just outside the front door. They are rotating on water fountains.
Indian Motorcycle at Backfire BBQ

There are antique cars and old gas pumps and signs on display in the eatery as well. Backfire BBQ

A small but well-stocked gift shop is near the entrance.

There are plenty of TV sets throughout the restaurant to catch a good game.

So, let’s see: BBQ, Bikes, Food and drinks, Sports. Yep, a good place to take a break.
Backfire BBQ